Rosie Nixon is back in town! 🇬🇧

BOSS babe Rosie will be back in town for 10 days only on May 3rd! We are so excited to see our inspirational model. Check out her latest work for German brand Visit our website to see Rosie’s booking details.

BOSS Supporting Artists causing a scene in Car Share

We are obsessed with this hilarious new season of Car Share. Featuring many of our BOSS Supporting Artists, we haven’t been able to take our eyes off the screen! In the latest episode you can see Loraine Calvert, who is mentioned in the credits and plays John’s Nan at the beginning of the show; Dany…

Ellis Duke for In The Style

We are too excited that festival season is finally in sight and In The Style have the perfect looks for whichever field you’re heading to. BOSS babe Ellis Duke wears the latest festival garments and swimwear for the brand. See her full profile on our website.

Jessica for Anneliese of London

Luxury shirt brand Anneliese of London specialise in silk shirts focussing on their versatility. BOSS babe Jessica works these looks for very occasion. See our website for Jessica’s booking details.

Vanessa for Pour Moi

Local brand Pour Moi create beautifully detailed lingerie, all designed in their Cheshire HQ! BOSS model Vanessa is gorgeous in these flattering looks. See Vanessa’s profile on our website.

Bluebell for Fabulous Magazine

You might have spotted BOSS model Bluebell in Fabulous Magazine last weekend. Retro diner styling suits Bluebell’s edgy look. See our website for Bluebell’s booking information.

Darcie for Roco Clothing

BOSS Junior Darcie-Dollie is living up to her name in these adorable shots for Roco Clothing We love these dresses that would be perfect for summer events.

BOSS April Favourites

April is a tricky month: It brings fresh blossom but also showers. Luckily we’re used to that in Manchester! Find out what the BOSS staff are enjoying right now in our monthly edit. Debs, Managing Director I am loving the cherry blossom this month and all the wild flowers coming out to greet us: wood anemones,…

Francesca and Tyrell for Studio

Francesca and Tyrell are so cute getting the giggles in their PJs! 🛌 We love this ad for Studio! Check out our website to see booking details for our BOSS Juniors.