A day in the life of Assistant Studio Manager at Missguided, Francesca Moffatt

Francesca Moffatt oversees all things models at Missguided, leading e-commerce brand and, like BOSS, champion of northern industry. Out and about on the search for new talent or in the office organising a casting, Francesca is super busy selecting models that reflect Missguided’s badass attitude. We caught up with her to see what her average day is like.

The first thing I do in the morning… Check my phone and wish I didn’t have to get up – I’m not a morning person!

My average day… It varies day to day. If I’m in the office, then I am usually in meetings and catching up with everything in the studio. Or I could be at castings or visiting agencies in London, or abroad. Either way, it’s usually a busy day!

My beauty essential… I couldn’t live without dry shampoo, it gives me that bit longer in bed!  

What I love about my job… The best part of my job is that excited feeling when you find someone special – booking them for the perfect shoot, and then seeing amazing results!

What I wish I could change about my job… It’s rubbish when a model you love just doesn’t sell well, and you have to make the decision to stop using her. I love all our girls!  

When I get home from work… I love coming home to my lovely flat, lighting all my candles and chilling with my boyfriend – preferably watching some kind of crime drama and eating lots of nice food!

In my downtime… I tend to spend weekday evenings chilling because I always have such busy weekends. My friends joke that you have to book me 3 months in advance, because I’m always travelling here, there & everywhere: lots of weekends away, nights out, weddings – the list goes on!

My bedtime ritual… I always catch up on social media and then I’m out like a light!

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