BOSS December favourites

Scraping the ice off your car, trudging through the freezing Manchester sleet and battling along the crowded high street to do Christmas shopping, December can be a tough month. Here are a few things that are brightening our days this time of year.

Helen, Model Booker 
Being able to watch two of my all time favourite Christmas movies: Muppets Christmas Carol and Santa Claus The Movie.

Robyn, Casting Booker
I’m loving everything about December! I’m SUCH a Christmas person. I’m especially loving M&S Mulled Wine this year and at £4 a bottle I’m in constant supply! It makes my flat smell so Christmassy!

Olivia, Junior Division Model Booker 
December is all about Christmas! As much as it’s a massive cliché, it’s my favourite time of the year. Spending time with family and friends, lots of festive feasting and getting glammed up for the party season – my idea of bliss! I love nothing more than coming home to that warming winter spice aroma of cinnamon and zesty orange – traditional Christmas!

Jennifer, Accountant 
I absolutely adore everything about the build up to Christmas!  From fairy lights in the trees, to gift buying, to the buzz around town.  But this December I’ve mostly been looking forward to visiting the Christmas markets in Germany!  Wrapped up warm, drinking Bailey’s hot chocolate, ice-skating and hopefully it’ll snow a little too.  And as much as I love snow in December, I’ll be jetting off to Mexico on the 28th to warm up a little! 

Cath, Head of Casting
I love seeing dogs out in their winter jackets! This weekend I even saw two reindeer.

Tristan, Junior Division Model Booker
CHRISTMAS. Christmas is both my favourite and least favourite time of year. I dislike Christmas time because the evenings draw in really early, the mornings are cold and dark and it’s near impossible for me to get out of bed and the weather is more grim than shine. However, the Christmas festive period is full of fantastic cooking and treats, plenty of excuse for getting out and drinking, buying gifts for people and wrapping them up to Christmas tunes or movies on the telly, and most importantly getting time off to see friends and family tons. Christmas Day is all about family for me and having divorced parents means I get two Christmas days every year! There’s a reason it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Debra, Managing Director
I love riding my horse across the moors in the winter. There’s never anyone around, and the feeling of total wilderness is invigorating.  Rudi is very forward going, so I’m always guaranteed an eventful ride – no time for dawdling around!  And you keep warm because there’s no such thing as a slow pace for her. Which is a bit like me, we are so well suited!  You get the most amazing views from in the saddle – and there’s often a mist on the hills which I can rise above, so that the villages are below the clouds and we just have bright blue sky above us.  Brilliant.  If I’m feeling really cheeky, I take a little snifter of port and brandy with me in a hip flask!

Rhiannon, Casting Booker
This weekend I finally feel like I’ve got in the Christmas spirit! My weekend has consisted of a Christmas do at a private room in New York New York with a drag queen and karaoke for entertainment, secret santa and homemade Christmas goodies on Sat and a fancy Christmas meal yesterday with lots of cocktails! I think that’s the best thing about December – an excuse to get together with all your friends and drink lots and party!

Tracy, Office Manager 
‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is my all time favourite movie. I still cry every time.

Alex, Social Media Coordinator
This December I’ve been addicted to watching Youtubers’ Vlogmas videos – I really don’t know what’s so fascinating about watching people open they advent calenders but I can’t stop – there is some amazing festive decor inspo out there! I’m also looking forward to heading home to Somerset over the Christmas break and seeing pretty much everyone I’ve ever known squeezed into the local pub.

Hannah, Front of House
One of my absolute favourite things in December is what we in Denmark call “Julekalender” – directly translated it means christmas calendar. Basically it’s a family TV series produced specially for Christmas and every year it’s a new story. Every day of Christmas, starting on the 1st December, is a new episode – its kind of like a countdown for Christmas, and the final episode is on Christmas eve, which in Denmark is the night we celebrate christmas. It’s a nice way to get into the christmas spirit and spend time with your family every night till christmas.

Lauren, Senior Booker 
I am like an excitable little girl in the run up to Christmas and love it all. Albeit I’m not religious, but I think it’s a great end to and celebration of the year. And the best excuse to have a ye olde good knees up with loved ones in the pub slurping Guinness and generally having bubbles on tap. The shopping for gifts? Love it. Getting the biggest tree possible? Yes please. Drinking and being merry for an entire month? Bring. It. On. Christmas dinner? Yummy for my tummy, it is one of my favourite meals, not including Christmas puddings or mince pies (ewwww). However I love December the most because I use the holiday at the end of the month to escape abroad and get away from it all!

Let us know what you’re loving this December on out Twitter page @bossmodelmgmt

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