BOSS new years resolutions

Apparently if you tell someone what your new years resolutions are, you are much more likely to keep them. So, here it goes! Have a read of the changes we’re trying to make in 2017 and let us know what your new years resolutions are.

Rhiannon, Casting Booker
I definitely want to make this year about revisiting old hobbies and finding new ones.  I still don’t feel like I really know Manchester all that well yet so I’m going to make a real effort to explore, visit new places and do things that are bit different that I wouldn’t normally do – like go to the art gallery for example.  

Also my housemate decided she wanted to start going to Lindy Hop classes and it’s inspired me to get my dancing shoes back on! I bought myself some new tap shoes yesterday and starting Monday I will be redoing it after about 20 years! I’m going to be brave and do the ballet class before it as well! My aim is to be able to tap dance on roller-skates like my hero Gene Kelly hahahaha! (OK maybe not, lol).

Robyn, Casting Booker
I definitely want to continue to travel Europe in little breaks this year, especially Italy. I have a road trip planned for summer time: Renting a Fiat 500, driving through Milan to Rome and visiting everywhere in between! Bring on 2017! 

Tristan, Model Booker Junior Division
My resolution is to be more active, so if I’m sat around on a weekend watching reruns or playing games, I want to motivate myself to go for a long run or maybe drive to a nice scenic location for a walk with my girlfriend. To make the most of the outdoors when I have the chance to do so. Oh also to be more creative! Musically and photographically.

Tracy, Agency Manager
To be healthy and happy.

Debra, Managing Director
Make good health the number one priority for me and my family, and of course my wonderful crew here at Boss. We promote a healthy lifestyle right through from the workforce to the models we represent. Staff are given a massage, reiki or reflexology treatment once a month by our therapist, because we have stressy jobs and believe in promoting a sense of well being to reinforce our work ethic. I’m a firm believer in the first wealth is health, and that’s what I’m sticking to – on a recent holiday break I managed yoga, pilates, circuit and a stretching class and that’s how I mean to continue. Bring it on!

Sarah, Accountant
Drink more water, stay away from social media, read more books and be more positive.

Harriett, Model Booker
I want to do something every month to challenge myself – push myself out of my comfort zone.

Alex, Social Media Coordinator
I used to go to loads of gigs and I’m going to start making an effort to see more live music again and check out new bands at all the amazing venues in Manchester. I’m also trying harder to fill my weekday evenings with fun activities. It’s hard when you’re tired after work but I always feel better if I go to a gym class, the cinema or even just for a walk or a drink with a friend.

What do you hope that 2017 will bring? Let us know!

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