Rosie’s 5 steps to a healthy 2017

Our mainboard model Rosie Nixon is currently modelling in New York. With her toned bod and stunning features, Newcastle-born Rosie has worked all over the world for brands like Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, Nike, Lynx and she has just been booked for Playboy. Find out how Rosie stays in shape with her top fitness tips to stick to in 2017.

  1. I find HIIT is the absolute best way for me to stay in shape. I do two different classes here in New York. The first is a running class with interval training, which helps me shed  weight. The second is a hot Pilates class (in a heated room like Bikram) that combines Pilates exercises, cardio and HIIT.
  2. For abs – as many scissor crunches as you can manage for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Then as many reverse crunches as you can for 20, rest for 10. You repeat this 4 times. I find that Russian twists and side planks also help sculpt the side of my body and waist, giving that hour glass shape.
  3. For butts – hip raises work wonders for my glutes and thighs. I vary my stance to work on different areas. For example, if you put your toes together and apply pressure between your knees whilst raising and pulsing your hips, this will work your inner thighs. Whereas wider legs work your outer thighs more. Nothing shapes your butt better than squats though.
  4. After years of calorie counting I’ve finally accepted it doesn’t work long term. I realised that a balanced diet works much better alongside potion control. But a balanced diet with portion control PLUS cutting out sugar is the ultimate combination. When I cut out a lot of my sugar intake I see a huge difference in belly fat, bloating and cellulite. It’s hidden in everything though, you have to be especially careful with “low fat” products and also “healthy” juices and smoothies, which often contain most of your recommended daily allowance. Even when it comes to eating fruit you have to be cautious – eat it alone on an empty stomach, never after a meal or with other food types. Otherwise it sits in the gut for too long and will rot and ferment.
  5. One very sore point for me, as I’m a huge wine drinker, is that cutting out alcohol is the quickest and surest way for me to lose weight. Everything in moderation, but if I ever want to speed up losing a few pounds I know the best way to do so is cut the alcohol out (unfortunately)!screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-16-50-03

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