Currently in post production, Northern legend Stephen Graham stars in ‘Being Keegan.’ Shot in Liverpool, the emotional film centres on the importance of footballer Kevin Keegan as a symbol of hope for young people growing up in a somewhat bleak 1970’s Liverpool.

BOSS creative Martin McClean was the hair and make-up designer for the production. Taking on the task of creating looks throughout the decade, Martin explains his process:

‘I think the most important thing is reading the script time and time again to get a feel for the characters and their lives. Socio-economic status and location are really important and the director will normally give me a synopsis of the characters’ lives. Then I break down the script line by line to see if I need any particular effects.

I try to go into the mind of the characters and I do loads of photo research from local family archives etc. It can sometimes be hard to show the audience and the team how things really were in the period when the production was set, rather than how the media sometimes portrays it. I always get primary research and evidence to illustrate my point and make a mood board for each character, working very closely with costume to create a rounded look.

Once we start filming, continuity is the killer on set. You could be shooting the last scene of the film on the first day and ten years could have passed!’


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