A day in the life of a stylist: Lucy Hallard

Our BOSS creative Lucy Hallard is a fashion stylist at the top of her game. After 19 years in the industry we found out what an average day is like for her and asked her what advice she would give to aspiring stylists.

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
Every day is always so different but the VERY first thing I always do every morning is make a cup of tea, before I do ANYTHING. I can even function without having a cup of tea in the morning! I get up and then pack my car to the rafters. It’s usually full of clothes, rails, steamers and irons. If I’m on a commercial they provide breakfast on so I get something to eat there.

What is your average day like?
Some days I could be up at 6am to work on a commercial. Other days it might be a prep day, so I could be sat at home ordering stuff online. Or I could be putting mood boards together or out shopping. Sometimes I could just be in a studio doing a fashion shoot, which tends to start at about 9am. It all depends on the job.

How did you get to where you are in your career?
I did a degree in fashion and styling in Salford and at the time there weren’t many courses that did styling as well. It was perfect for me because I knew I wanted to be a stylist but I wanted to learn how to pattern cut at the same time as getting a book together. My friend was a photographer and we used to organise shoots outside of university.

I graduated from university when I was 22 and I was just like ‘Okay I’m a stylist!’ Just like that! I took my book out and started to get work and after about 6 months I got an agent. The first job they rang me up about was to go and see a photographer. So I took my book along, got the job and it turned out that it was styling David Beckham for Adidas! That was my first big job and then the photographer booked me for the whole year and all their sponsorships. I was styling everyone who was big in sports in the Nineties like Tim Henman, ‘Prince’ Naseem and Denise Lewis.

That was how it all started really. Once I had a big advertising job in my book I started to get more and more work.


What do you love most about your job?
I always look forward to meeting new people. Very rarely do you meet anyone that’s not brilliant. I enjoy being part of a team and the different challenges of every job. I like being creative all the time and doing what I love which is putting outfits together. I’m really lucky.

How do you spend your downtime?
I hang out with my son Rufus, he’s six. We do a lot of walking with our dog and like to go to The Lakes. So I can usually be found out in the hills trying to be good or I’m staying up late with my friends drinking wine! Those are my favourite things to do.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?
I always get really inspired by films or paintings or a colour palette. Anything really! For a photo shoot I always like to create personas and tell the person that we’re shooting: ‘This is your character, this is who you are.’ Recently I saw La La Land and I absolutely loved it so I want to do a shoot that’s totally over the top with Technicolor and pink poodles! I get inspiration from something I’ve seen and loved more than clothes necessarily.

What are some highlights of your career so far?
I got a phone call one day and they just said ‘You’ve got a shoot next month in London. And it’s with David Bailey.’ I had to try and act cool! It was at his studio and he was everything I expected him to be: Brilliant, charming and just really lovely. I was styling Guy from Elbow so I got the train down to London with him which was really nice.

Another highlight was when I got to go to the Arctic for ten days for a shoot. We stayed in the most Northern place you can stay in the world in a little cabin with no water or electricity – it was so cool!

What advice would you give someone who aspired to be a stylist?
You’ve got to be a little bit persistent. People don’t always pick up the phone straight away or respond to an email. But call them again and send another email! I’ve been a stylist for 19 years now – I can’t even cope with that – and when I started I didn’t even have a mobile phone! How I ever knew where I was supposed to be or ever got any clothes I don’t know! But I’d say it still takes at least two years to establish yourself.

See Lucy’s profile on our website now.

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