BOSS March favourites

Warmer days are finally in sight! Welcoming in the first days of spring, the BOSS team have picked out some of the things they are loving this month.

Sarah, Accountant
I’m loving that I’m going on holiday on the 17th which is also St. Patrick’s Day and means I’m definitely allowed a lovely pint of Guinness at the airport! I have also started watching Shameless again. We used to have a lot of extras in the show and it’s funny seeing how Manchester used to look 13 years ago when they shot scenes away from the estate in the city centre.

Jennie, Model Booker
I have decided to do a one minute plank every day of Lent and am looking forward (hopefully) to rock hard abs!

Andy, Director of Operations
I have A Kind of Loving on DVD and I’m waiting to have enough time to sit down and watch it sometime soon! If you don’t know it, it was one of the first ‘kitchen sink’ dramas with a much grittier and realistic basis than previous films. It’s in black and white and much of it was filmed around Manchester and Salford.
For lent 
I’m cutting down on snacks and I’ve joined a gym to lose weight and get fitter – me and about 5 million other people I guess!

Harriett, Model and Lifestyle Booker
I was trying to read all of the Harry Potter books before I turn 30 in September. I just finished The Goblet of Fire and I totally love it! I’m very invested in the characters.

Robyn, Casting Booker
I’m loving March because its my Birthday month! Tuesday 7th is my actual birthday, then I’m off to Copenhagen on the 10th for a celebration weekend break! I’m trying to give up sugary treats for lent. Sugar makes a massive difference to my skin so I’m interested to see if I notice any changes without it.

Jennifer, Accountant 
March is all about friends and family for me! My brother is over from Jersey so we have lots of plans which mainly involve food and drink and even a football game! Then I’m off to Nottingham with the girls for a weekend to watch The XX – it’ll be my first venture out into Nottingham so expect my review in due course.  The rest of the month will be all about my little Godson. It was his birthday recently so I gave him an endless supply of ‘date nights’ of his choosing which start next week. The first is a day out in the park, followed by the Lego Batman Movie at the cinema, which I’m probably looking forward to more than he is!

Debra, Managing Director 
I am very happy to be in March because it is St Patricks Day on 17th and being of Irish descent we always celebrate with a Guinness or two!  17th March was also my Mum’s birthday and even though she’s passed on I feel her spirit is alive and she is always with me, so she’ll be celebrating too on ‘the other side.’ So cheers to Maureen Burns (nee McLoughlin) because without her I wouldn’t be here!
I am also very glad to see that Jarvis (our baby cockerel) is recovering from his broken leg and continues to get stronger every day.  He is living with us in the house at the moment because he needs 24 hour care, we are supervising his physiotherapy, medication and welfare, and he is responding well – in the video below he is having a conversation with me – I do a mean chicken impersonation.  He is walking with a limp but hey, he’s alive! (Down with all those people who said: ‘Broken leg – put him in the oven!’  How mean!)
And the nights are getting lighter which means more time in the saddle for me and my trusty steed Rudi, a 16.3hh Hanovarian x Warmblood chestnut mare.  She’s brave, fun, and forward going – just like me!
My chosen book for March is Climate Change by HRH The Prince of Wales, who is a keen advocate of promoting awareness regarding global warming issues and has published this book in association with Penguin as a Ladybird Expert Book.
I saw That Sugar Film recently by Damon Gameou – and oh my, it has changed my life!  Everyone should see it.  So I am giving up sugar in my tea for Lent, which means by the time its over I wont want to go back and I will be sugar free for ever!  There is so much processed sugar in our foods we really don’t need to add more of it to sweeten things up.  This film will educate you and it really is a life changer – and in some cases, a life saver. Tune in!

Lauren, Senior Booker 
I love March because it means I can start to play outside again: On a hike, on a horse, on a bike or on a boat. There is also another month of a potential snow action so I’ll be checking out the reports over the alps and hopefully get a cheeky few more days on the piste! I love March too because of St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness is my other love.

Patrick, Agency Assistant
I’ve just bought The Wire box set, which came highly recommended by my brother! Also, the new series of Always Sunny In Philadelphia is on this month which I love. Right now I’m listening the Legend album by Bob Marley, in preparation for next week when I see The Wailers.

Sadie, Front of House
I always look forward to a new month starting.It’s like a fresh start every so often. March marks the start of Spring which means we get nice flowers and leaves back on the trees! I’m ready for a bit of that after the gloomy winter we had. I’ve just signed up to ‘Bloomon’ which is a flower delivery service: Fresh flowers to your door once a month. We got our first order last week and they are AMAZING.
As for Lent, I don’t think I have ever given something up for Lent in my whole life? I don’t know how I should feel about that… However, my best friend and I decided this year is the year of change and progression: Say yes to everything, do more, be more. It’s been going pretty well, so for March I’ll be mostly keeping that up rather than giving something up! I also would like to start baking again. I used to make at least one cake a week and used the hashtag #SadieBerry – I know! So I think its time to bring back the shameful hashtag, and the cakes which are pretty good if I do say so myself. 

Tristan, Junior Model Booker
This month I am loving new music from my favourite artist, John Mayer, who is by far the best guitarist I’ve ever listened to and is one of the most talented, versatile musicians I know of. He’s releasing a new album called The Search For Everything, but in an unusual fashion he is releasing it in ‘waves’ of four songs per month. I think it’s mostly a money making scheme but at the same time it makes me look forward to a new release of his each month rather than once every couple of years, so it’s clever marketing to keep the hype up. Wave 1 includes a song called Love On The Weekend which I cannot get out of my head and was an appropriate soundtrack for mine and my girlfriend’s weekend away in Anglesey recently. 
And I know I’m super late to the party but I’m making my way through Prison Break at the moment, preparing for its return to the airwaves soon. I don’t think it’s a particularly good show but I’m invested now – so just two and a half seasons to go!

Olivia, Junior Division Booker 
March is always a personal favourite. It welcomes the start of Spring and it also happens to be my birthday month – roll on the celebrations! Although the prospect of turning 26 is actually giving me anxiety.
I never tend to give anything up for Lent, I am not religious and I would never stick to it (40 days is far too long)! Life’s too short: eat the chocolate and drink the wine!
After returning from a long weekend in Berlin with the girls, it’s safe to say that I am now a new found fan of city breaks! I am usually the sun-worshipping type who wouldn’t entertain the thought of a holiday without a beach but I loved every minute. The city is vibrant and full of history, culture, lovely restaurants and edgy nightlife – I would highly recommend it.
I am also LOVING Zara’s SS17 collection. I went in recently and literally wanted everything – the struggle was real.

Rhiannon, Casting Booker
I’m loving that I’m no longer waking up in the dark – finally! It makes it so much easier to get out of bed.
I’m also excited for Saturday evenings because Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is back! I think it is literally one of my favourite ever telly shows.
It’s also the month for the release of Beauty and the Beast which I can’t wait to see (mainly because I just love Disney and musicals!) but also because one of our actors has a small role in it!

Bart, Junior Model Booker
My favourite thing about March is definitely that I’m going away snowboarding for a week in France! I also saw Moonlight recently which was a good film and just finished the second series of Man in the High Castle which was cool. Clothing-wise I recently discovered Bobby Abley and his power rangers collaboration collection which is brilliant! 

I’ve revisited the band Telekinesis this month too with their song ‘Please Ask For Help’ being the top of the list at the moment. Food of the month is ice cream and is also what I should be giving up for lent.

Gareth, Head Booker
March is my favourite month for a few reasons.  I share my birthday with my fellow colleague Tristan, who likes to remind me regularly that he’s 15 years younger. This is also my last birthday in my thirties…
I don’t understand why people only drink Guinness on St. Partick’s Day! It’s my favourite beverage: Drink it all year round you crazy people!

Alex, Social Media Coordinator
I can’t stop wearing pinafore dresses at the moment. They’re so easy and comfy for work as well as weekends – I think I have one in every colour. I also just finished Amy Poehler’s book Yes, Please which was hilarious and inspiring. My favourite new podcast this month is #TheReceiptsPodcast: Each episode is a different topic (e.g. joint bank accounts, open relationships, first dates) and three girls just tell all their funny stories about the subject – some of them are wild – and bring out the receipts they have on ex-boyfriends. 

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