British Pie Week: The NQ’s top 3 pie joints

Celebrating the joy of pastry and filling, British Pie Week has to be up there as one of the best national awareness events. We’ve chosen our favourite places to get a pie within walking distance of our Northern Quarter office.

Pie & Ale, 47 Lever Street
With toppings options like pickled onions and ‘crispy bitys’ of smoked streaky bacon, how can this pie joint not make the list? As well as delicious fillings, Pie & Ale make a fun figure out of pastry which is placed on each order.

Pieminister, 53 Church Street
One of the more well-known names in the pie game, Pieminister have a wide range with classic as well as some more innovative fillings. We love a plate of pie and mash from their ‘Pie cafe’ on Church Street. Pieminister are also getting in the British Pie Week action with mash, pie and gravy available for £5 until 12th March. 

Abel Heywood, 38 Turner Street
The Abel Heywood pub and boutique hotel is temptingly close to BOSS HQ, with the smells of their delicious grub often drifting across the road to our office, and a view of the bar almost too clear on a Friday afternoon. We can recommend their fancy pies with a carefully selected combination of ingredients.

Our BOSS food stylists have put together some incredible images to inspire you this weekend. Check out our Pinterest page.

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