BOSS go boating for Barnabus

Here at BOSS we’re always trying to come up with different ways to raise money for charity either individually or as a team effort.

This year we have decided to take part in the Salford Dragon Boat Festival to raise money for Barnabus which is a Charity based in Manchester that helps the homeless, vulnerable and socially deprived.  Living and working in Manchester we see first hand the plight of homelessness and the hardships people have to face.  No-one should have to live this way, so the more we can do to help this situation the better.

We are rolling up our sleeves putting our oar in at the Salford Dragon Boat Festival to help to support this amazing cause. At the festival we will be challenged to row as fast as we can across Ontario Dock (180 metres). We will have 3 attempts at this and (if we aren’t too tired!) our fastest time will be entered into the last race of the day: The Grand Final. The BOSS staff will be taking part along with models Edward Wilding, Matt Peacock and Tom Craig.

Any donation towards such a good cause would be greatly appreciated by all the team participating including everyone at BOSS HQ.

Please visit our Just Giving page to donate now.

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