BOSS April Favourites

April is a tricky month: It brings fresh blossom but also showers. Luckily we’re used to that in Manchester! Find out what the BOSS staff are enjoying right now in our monthly edit.

Debs, Managing Director
I am loving the cherry blossom this month and all the wild flowers coming out to greet us: wood anemones, primroses, lesser celandine, and next month it will be my favourite – bluebells! Roll on spring, we love you! 

Joe, Scouting and Development
This April I am loving double denim, it’s so cool, casual and laid back. However this look is far too colourful for myself (#allblackeverything). 

Tristan, Junior Model Booker
I’m jetting off to Mexico later this month so I will VERY much be loving that! I’m also looking forward to all the bank holidays on offer to us over the next few weeks

Andy, Director of Operations
I am loving learning to play the song “Get The Funk Out” by Extreme on bass, it’s very difficult but I’m making progress and determined to get there!

Robyn, Model Booker, New Faces
love the gorgeous pink flush of blossom trees around the city in April! Easter is a family time for me – a long weekend back home with my favourite people. Mum always makes a huge Easter feast, including her coveted Chocolate Cake!

Bart, Junior Model Booker
I’m just glad it seems to be getting a bit warmer and, hopefully, less rainy! I also saw the Power Rangers movie the other day, which was one of my favourite TV shows when I was young. It was mega cheesy but great!

Lauren, Senior Booker
April is just a LEGEND! It brings sunshine, lighter, longer days, fresh blooms, seedlings for my new chilli plants, four days off, Easter eggs, chocolate and happiness all around!

Kirstie, Head of Casting
I love the lighter evenings, the fact that daffodils are still in bloom and that both my children gave up sweets and chocolate for lent (and actually did it!). So we are having a very naughty Easter Sunday of treats which they fully deserve! I have been back at BOSS for one month tomorrow after ten years! My lovely sister sent me a congratulations card after my first week with the following written inside:  ‘We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled.  The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.This made me smile!

Alex, Social Media Coordinator
I have been obsessed with crime-drama-documentary podcast ‘S-Town’ in April – it’s BRILLIANT. I was walking around Manchester on my lunch break just so I could listen to it! Another thing that I love right now is the book ‘Modern Lovers’ by Emma Straub, I’ve wanted to read it for ages and I finally got my hands on a copy. On that note, I also went old-school this month and joined a Library. There are some beautiful Library buildings in and around the city with some amazing collections and I love exploring the shelves and picking out titles.




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