Saying goodbye to the Edgiest member of the BOSS team: Farewell Tracy!

Agency Manager Tracy Edge has been with BOSS since the very beginning. She can remember opening the doors and booking the first models on jobs back in 1988. Tracy has decided to retire from her role at BOSS to focus on her own personal projects, while continuing to live life on the Edge! While we will miss her VERY much, we are so excited to see her taking on new adventures. We caught 5 minutes with Tracy during her busy last days to ask her about some of her favourite BOSS moments. 

What do you remember most about your first days with the agency?
When Boss first opened in 1988 there had been a problem with the phone transfer and we couldn’t contact ANYONE (pre-emails, texts, WhatsApps, DMs!). Deb and I had to stay in the old building and did all the bookings for the whole agency for two weeks! It was really stressful, but a great way to get to know each other!

What is the most important thing you’ve learned?
I had to learn to multitask. It can feel like you’re juggling a thousand things at once but as long as you get your head down and work hard you can get through anything.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do for your job?
I once interviewed a model enquiry who brought their pet rabbit along to the agency! That’s probably not the strangest thing I’ve ever seen at BOSS but the rest isn’t for broadcast…


What is the best bit about your job?
The people! I have worked with some of the most interesting and talented photographers, models, SA’s, clients and colleagues over the last 33 years. I have always been a people person and it is the people you are with that make the job worthwhile. Getting a happy email from a big client or hearing from a Supporting Artist who has had an amazing time on set – it all puts a smile on my face!

Which highlights will you always remember?
I feel very lucky to have had the career I have. There have been many highlights, but the BOSS 18th birthday party at the Monastery is right up there with the best – what an incredible night that was.

There have been so many memories over the years I have been at the company but one of my favourites was the BOSS Christmas Party in Anglesey. We stayed for the weekend and took a rib ride to Chateau Rhianfa for our Christmas Dinner. It was just amazing but the party was in true BOSS style – raucous springs to mind!

What will you miss the most?
I will miss the madness that every day brings. No two days are ever the same! I also don’t know what I will do without my lovely BOSS family but I am also raring to go for my next steps and know that the company will continue in their monumental success.

Our Managing Director Debs, said: ‘Ahhh Tracy – we’ve been through so much together – births, deaths, and marriages for a start! From the time we spent booking together in the early days with 5 staff to currently having 22 and taking the world by storm. You’ve always set an absolutely superb example of remarkable tenacity and kindness, getting the job done on time with minimum fuss and maximum impact and adopting true BOSS style, as we never do things by half. In short, you’ve been brilliant and I will truly cherish your influence and friendship forever.’


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