#BABEPOWER Missguided fragrance launch party

Huge, shiny letter balloons spelling out ‘BABE POWER’ and fluffy, candy flossed all-pink-everything. Would you expect any less from the sassy crew over at Missguided? We went to the launch of their debut fragrance, ‘Babe power’ at Menagerie in Manchester.

With ‘unicorn tears’ cocktails in hand and glitter applied to our cheeks, it was inevitable that we would would enjoy the immersive experience from the ecommerce retailer. Missguided are renowned for their bold and fierce branding and the party did not disappoint. As we dug into the treats from the pick ‘n’ mix table, the Spice Girls boomed from speakers with dancers shaking their thing to the music.

The fragrance is distinctive, unique and a bottled embodiment of Missguided’s cool attitude. With ingredients like amber crystals, orange blossom, peony and jasmine, along with candy floss, sour cherry and rhubarb, this refreshing scent is the perfect accompaniment to any of Missguided’s killer outfits. Available to order from their website now.


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  1. Saw the post about it! Wish I could have gone, it looks lovely


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