A day in the life of a stylist: Kyle Lawson

New stylist on the block, Kyle Lawson, shares his average day with us. See his profile on our website now.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 15.28.42.png

When I wake up… In the morning I have a little stretch and then make some coffee.

In my downtime… I like to chill, watch classic rom-coms or visit friends.

How I got where I am… I originally began training as a dancer, achieving my Bachelors Degree and then my Postgraduate in performance studies. Throughout my five years of training I always had a great interest in fashion and my choreographic work would always relate to this. So after my training and a few months of freelance dance work, I decided to explore my fashion interests, especially styling! This started on social media, which then led to shoots and professional work.

What I love about my job… I would say the most rewarding thing about my job is that no day is ever the same and the amount of creative talent you meet makes for an amazing working environment.

When I get home from work… I will usually sit down for 15 minutes, play some music and then get ready for the gym.

Advice I would give to someone who wants to be a stylist… Always have patience when it comes to working. Although at moments you may feel like giving up, stick with it – sometimes these moments are when you produce your best work. And remember that hard work always pays off!

James 5James 1

What’s inspiring me at the moment… I am very inspired by the creative shift happening within the designer fashion houses. Brands including Gucci, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton are accessing creative aesthetics that I have never seen from them before! The barrier between street wear and designer seems to be shifting and it is very exciting! As well as this, I will forever be inspired by Grace Coddington, her creative vision is remarkable.

My nicknames growing up… I would get called KK or Ky quite a lot.

My favourite place in the world… would have to be Palma. We have a family home there and I have been visiting for 22 years.

My pets… I have never had a pet, but I have always wanted a dog with the name of Archibald Hoxton Lawson.


At the moment I am obsessed with… Celine Dion, she is giving me life and so many looks and the moment. Also, I recently became obsessed with the real housewives of New York City!

You can usually find me… I spend most on my time around the Northern Quarter. Whether it be at Ezra and Gil in the daytime or drinks at Hula in the evening. There is something for everyone! I love to also meet friends at The Refuge for a relaxed evening.  The atmosphere is super chill and the winter garden area is a great spot for a glass of wine.


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