The beautiful and elegant Julie Townsend has been on the books at Boss for many years and has had an immense career. Julie has modelled for brands like Jaeger, Missoni and Max Mara and has worked in New York, Paris and all over the world, alongside pursing her passion for Horticulture.

The first thing I do when I wake up… is drink hot water with lemon. I find that it helps to keep my weight in check and it is also very cleansing for the digestive system.

My average day…. My days vary: I can be working outside in an herbaceous border, cutting back perennials, or working on a modelling assignment! I love the variety that I have: no two days are the same.

I spend my downtime… chilling out with friends. Be it at the pub, cinema, on a lovely walk in the countryside or on the beach with Tilly my chocolate Spaniel. I love the simple things in life! I also really enjoy having a lovely meal at home with my family.

How I got where I am… I have my mother to thank for my introduction to the modelling industry. She entered me into a competition for a magazine many moons ago. I cannot remember the name, but to cut a very long story short, I was chosen to go to London from my home county of Yorkshire, which was very exciting but also scary – I had never been to London before. This was when my journey in the industry started!

Much later on, 18 years or so, I decided to study Horticulture and got a certificate in Horticulture in 2000. I started maintaining gardens, followed by a course in Garden Design at the Chelsea Physics Garden. Now I combine the two!

What I love about my job… I LOVE the variety. One day I can be out on appointments, meeting friends for coffee, then maybe doing a fashion show or a TV commercial. It’s such a diverse industry. Along with the time I spend on gardening projects, there is never a dull moment.

The weirdest thing I have ever had to do for my job… I once did a swimwear shoot in the snow and I’ve done a fur coat shoot in 100% heat – that’s modelling!

When I get home… I take off my shoes, pour myself a large glass of wine and open the door to the garden for Tilly, my dog. Then I just sit quietly for five minutes before I get up and start the next job!

Advice I would give to someone who is hoping to break into the industry… Be true to yourself, be punctual at all times and enjoy it but stay grounded too. It’s an amazing industry and transforms lives, but it can be difficult too. You have to be able to take rejection on the chin, and remember that it isn’t always personal, just that sometimes you don’t fit the brief. Go for it!!

My favourite place in the world is… Thailand. The people, the food, the scenery: BLISS.

What I am obsessed with at the moment… My love at the moment is green tea! I know that may sound really boring but I can’t get enough of it.

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