Bye for now Jennie! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Model and Creative Booker Jennie is heading off on her maternity leave and starting a super exciting new adventure! We are going to miss Jennie so much and caught her (and the bump) for a baby Q + A on her last day.


Do you think the baby will boy or a girl?
I have changed my mind that many times over the past few months that I literally have no idea now. I am really looking forward to finding out though!
What will you miss about BOSS while you’re away?
I will miss all of the Boss gang, the Creatives and the Models. Boss has been part of my daily life for almost 12 years, so it will be very strange to not see everyone everyday!
What is the first song you will play for the baby?
Likely to be something from either The Stone Roses, Oasis or Ocean Colour Scene.
What are you most excited to show the baby?
We are really excited to get out walking in the Peaks with the baby and showing him/her their beautiful surroundings.
What do you think he/she will be when they grow up?
I’m not sure, whatever it decides to do I know we will be really proud of it.
Who do you think the baby will look like?
Well I know that my fiancΓ¨ will say he hopes it will look like me, but I’m sure it will be a gorgeous mix of us both.
What was your favourite book to read as a child?
Mr Bump!
What do you think the baby’s first word will be?
Who will take the most photos of the baby?
More than likely it will be me, I’ll try to not flood social media with too many!


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