Nick for Booths Christmas

The magic of the festive season is encapsulated in Booths’ annual Christmas book. This year Boss Food Creative Nick Walsh styled the delicious yuletide treats that fill their pages with mouth-watering delights. We asked Nick about his favourite Christmas traditions and seasonal eats. 

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What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
For me, it’s a pretty simple tradition of spending time with family. A lot of mine and my wife’s family don’t live nearby so it’s nice to spend some quality time with them. It can be so rare to get everyone together and that’s what Christmas is all about for me – as well as food, obviously.

Will you be cooking Christmas dinner this year? What are you having?
I have an early Christmas lunch with my family where I will be bringing a HUGE dessert. After that I travel down to my wife’s family home and cook a meal with them. This year I’m thinking pork belly!

What is your favourite Christmas treat?
Warm mince pies with way too much clotted cream!

What is your favourite Christmas ad this year?
Aldi! I might be biased because I did work on it. It is really cool though.

Who is the hardest person to buy for on your Christmas list?
Everyone! I’m awful at buying presents! Maybe it’s because I don’t like getting presents so I never really think about it. Maybe I should just cook everyone something…

Do you have any top food styling tips that will make peoples’ plates look Insta-perfect this year?
I’d honestly say forget about Instagram for a day (I probably won’t follow this advice though). Failing that, lighting is VERY important: don’t use a flash and make sure there are no shadows cast by your phone. Natural light is always the best.

Have you seen any gifts that would be PERFECT to buy for a foodie?
A great looking cook book is always a solid present for your foodie friend. My personal favourites are Faviken and Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian. The recipes are quite adventurous for a home cook but they are worth buying for the photography and stories they contain alone.

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