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Boss Supporting Artists’ hidden talents: Gemma Seed

Meet Gemma Seed – Boss Supporting Artist, Burlesque dancer and all-round lovely lady. We caught up with Gemma to find out more about her background and extra work as well as her racy hobby.

How did you get in to work as an S.A?
Quite a few years ago one of my close friends told me about the various jobs she did through the agency. I thought it sounded really interesting and right up my street. I finally applied and joined Boss Casting in early 2013. I’ll always remember my first three jobs: Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and a TVC for Amigos Tequila Beer in which I was dressed as a Roman and danced around in a nightclub!


What made you want to work as an S.A?
I just loved the idea of working in television and films. It was something new I had never done before. I had always loved performing but it had always been on a stage, never a TV or film set. I’m also dead nosey so I enjoy watching what goes on behind the scenes.

What has been your most memorable experience as an S.A?
There are SO many I couldn’t possible choose just one! Some of my favourite memories include: Being a smurf body double for Peter Kay’s Car Share; dancing in the cavern for Cilla; being photographed for this year’s Children in Need fundraising campaign; modelling designer Louise Gardiner’s ‘Cape of Empowerment’ at an exhibition and being a burlesque dancing mermaid on Hollyoaks!


How did you start Burlesque dancing?
Burlesque was something I decided I wanted to do whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer back in 2014. It was simply an idea that sprung to mind. I went to see my first ever burlesque show at The Frou Frou Club just after finishing my radiotherapy. I remember feeling exhausted and was still bald from chemotherapy but I LOVED the show. A couple of months later I started a beginners course with Lady Wildflower (a burlesque performance tutor) to learn the art of Burlesque. By the end of the year I had created my first act and made by debut performance as Seedy Frills in March 2016 at The Frou Frou Club.


What do you enjoy most about Burlesque?
The people. There is incredible support within the Burlesque community and I have met some truly wonderful friends along the way. I love to perform and Burlesque audiences are simply brilliant to perform to. I also enjoy creating my own acts. The entire creative process from developing a basic idea and bringing all the elements of character, music, choreography, set and costume together is so rewarding. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it when you can finally bring your act to the stage.


What would you say to someone who wanted to start Burlesque dancing?
Do you have any advice? Go to classes, courses and workshops. I still go to workshops whenever I can. It’s so important. As an artiste you are continuously learning. I highly recommend Lady Wildflower’s Burlesque courses as she has so much experience to share and is a fantastic teacher. Also do your research and go to watch live shows whenever possible.

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