Boss Supporting Artists’ Hidden Talents: Adam Press

Meet Adam – Boss Supporting Artist, super hard-worker and cruise ship entertainer. We asked Adam about his experience as an SA as well as his life at sea!

How did you get in to work as an S.A?
I had some friends who had worked as ‘extras’ and thought it sounded fun, so I gave it a shot. I got a great agent and have never regretted a gig yet!

What made you want to work as an S.A?
I have always been interested in entertainment and have always been a live performer, but It interested me to see another aspect of the business: television and film. It’s also flexible and fits in perfectly with my work schedule.

What has been your most memorable experience as an S.A?
There are quite a few: Dull moments are generally a rarity whist shooting. The three that stick in my memory are: A live episode of Emmerdale which involved a week long rehearsal, then the live shoot which was quite nervy as mistakes were not allowed; A big storyline on Hollyoaks where a minibus lost control, drove through a wedding venue and promptly blew up (actually blew up, explosion, the lot! No green screen or special effects there, it was cool!), and finally a shoot for Eurofighter where I got to dress up and pretend to be in the military for a day.

How did you start working on cruise ships? What is your job on the cruise ship?
I always knew I was going to be an entertainer. After pursuing various avenues to learn my trade, like singing and piano training, I became a Butlins Redcoat and did shows seven nights a week. After a year I went to the companies rival Pontins and was a Bluecoat, again on stage seven nights a week. After a year at both parks, I began plying my trade in the social club circuit, as was the natural progression back then, and aspired to be a visiting headline act aboard cruise ships. So, after many years of hard work and making sure I was in the right place at the right time, I landed one of the best cruise agents in the world who luckily liked my voice and my act and I have achieved my goal of being a headliner.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love to perform to a live audience, especially in a big theatre, either on land or on a ship. There’s no better feeling than walking out onto a stage ready to give them all you’ve got. I also love the luxury ships, glam locations and performing with a live nine-piece band.

What would you say to someone who wanted to work in a similar role? Do you have any advice?
Do your homework and above all, hard work and putting in the hours generally pays off. Be your own act, don’t copy someone else – I promise you it will get you nowhere. Finally play to your strengths no matter how different you are, you’ll always do better doing what you do best.

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