Introducing Marvin #BOSSnewfaces

As well as working his unique look, Boss Model Marvin is an amazing piano player and maths student. We found out more about our striking New Face.

Untitled design (63)

When did you start playing piano?
I started playing piano when I was really young. I play loads of theatre soundtracks, songs and melodies that inspire me. My favourite song to play on the piano is “Drake – Controller.”

What are you studying?
I am studying Maths at the moment to get my university requirements so that I can study Radiology at university. 

Did you grow up in Manchester? If not where did you grow up?
I was born in Ghana, but I grew up in Nigeria. I joined my mother here in England 3 years ago. I felt like leaving the tropical sunny weather for British winter!

What are you enjoying most about being with Boss so far?
I love being creative on set and have already had the chance to work with footballers and artists that I like such as Stormzy and Paul Pogba.

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