Rebecca Cawthra at the NME Awards!

Boss Hair and Make Up Artist Rebecca Cawthra was partying at the NME Awards last week! Rebecca created rock ‘n’ roll hair and make up looks for Manchester band Pale Waves’ in their music video ‘Television Romance’ and put together their beauty looks on the night. We were so excited to hear that the band won the Under The Radar award – we’re sure that the black lipstick and bold eyeshadow helped!


What was your inspiration for the make up looks in the video?
My inspiration came from Heather who likes to look like an emo pop star. I wanted to keep her looking edgy and iconic but also accessible, so she’s appealing to all walks of life. She never goes anywhere without her black lipstick – that’s iconic Heather now. I don’t tend to plan the make up looks, I listen to what the client wants, add my suggestions and together we come up with a look. It’s quite an organic process really.

What was the NME Awards ceremony like?
The night was crazy! The atmosphere was electric and you could feel the anticipation in the room. There were icons from the past 4 decades there so it was very cool! Once the band had won the award and performed we were whisked away to give interviews and have photo shoots for different magazines and radio stations – it was so manic backstage and extremely fast-paced.

What do you love about working with Pale Waves?
It’s great working with such a new band as I feel like we are really defining who they are and setting an image for them. They want to stand out and are not afraid of being different. They love that I’m a total nerd too! They are seriously 4 of the nicest people you could wish to meet and their hard work and dedication is infectious. I was lucky enough to see the first edit of their next music video that we worked on which is out next month and it is epic! This video is going to take them to a new level again.

What make up trends are you loving at the moment?
I love the bushy brow trend that’s still around. It’s super cool and edgy and Heather loves it when we put mascara through them so they have an edgier look which makes them a more pale wave brow rather than a runway brow.



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