Lauren, Senior Model Booker
In two words: women rock. Long gone are the days of us being the weaker sex, we are the magnificent creators of the world. And not just talking procreation. We should celebrate the notion every day but today is a day to publicly celebrate women’s successes and achievements around the world. We should be proud; from business to politics, to having a voice to being the matriarch, remaining strong through thick and thin, we say goodbye to inequality.

There are many strong women in my life that inspire me each day. The two today that particularly stand out for me is our boss Debs, who I think actually is Wonder Woman. She doesn’t need the cape and boots though to show it, the success of the business is a testament to her 24/7 dedication, hard work and magnificence. The other is Claire Turner, one of my dearest friends for 15 years, at 5’2”, delicate and petite, she is an almighty force to be reckoned with. Also ’24/7’, Claire successfully runs two fantastic businesses here in Manchester and is fearless. If something is unjust, Claire is the first to person to pipe up, fix the matter and there is nothing that can stop her. This evening I am going to enjoy the screening of ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Women Mean Business’ where Claire is the guest speaker She will be the Mayor one day!
Rachel, Casting Booker
My great grandma – Maisie – is my inspiration. She overcame so much in her life (living through a world war, overcoming the death of her oldest child, the loss of her husband being some of them!) but she always lit the room up with her warmth and quick wit! I carry this photo of us in my purse as a reminder of her resilience. Her last words to me were ’Never give up Rachel.’

Amanda, Agency Manager
I am inspired by lots of women every day. I am inspired by my girls whom I see learning to dance to the beat of their own drum, my mother whose passion for her family in unbreakable, my colleagues who, past and present, face the challenges that modern, everyday life throws at them and they still somehow manage to remain focused, ambitious, strong and fabulous AND put make up on every day.

Alex, Social Media Coordinator
There are lots of kick-ass ladies that I see doing amazing things on my timeline every day. One that stands out for me is blogger and app developer Elsie Larson, who is currently sharing her adoption story about her daughter Nova who suffers from albinism. She is so positive and is an amazing representation of an alternative family lifestyle.

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