Boss Fashion Stylist Kyle Lawson tells us the tale of his sartorial choices and how they have evolved over the years.

When was your interest in fashion first ignited?
I have always had an interest in fashion and styling (see the below photo of me embracing my inner Spice Girl). Since a young age, I have been very particular in what I wear and how I wear pieces. As I got older, social media helped me to discover people who inspired me and who were passionate about the same kind of style.


How has your own style evolved?
My style is continually evolving as I find new brands and see new collections. I have always had a very eclectic style and would find it REALLY hard to put my style into just one specific category. One day I might wear a pair of Adidas joggers with a band tee and the next day I could be in a complete opposite look. I think that’s the fun when it comes to personal style: you can always re-invent yourself!

What was one of the first brands that inspired you?
One of the first brands to inspire me was Alexander McQueen. I felt that the collections went further than just clothes and took fashion in to different realms. Lee McQueen’s ability to mix beauty with disaster has always been fascinating to me. The McQueen shows were so magical and theatrical – I was captivated. One of my favourite shows was ‘Voss’ ready-to-wear from spring 2001.

Kyle Lawson 008

When did you start working as a fashion stylist?
In the last months of 2016, I wanted to explore fashion styling as a career. Photographers contacted me through social media after seeing my style on Instagram, which I use as a creative outlet and mood board. I developed my work and have been styling, researching and progressing ever since! I have worked for brands like Boohoo and styled a shoot for Gay Times.

How would you describe your personal style now?
Indescribable! I find it very hard to describe my style as I have so many different influences within it. At the moment I am really enjoying the retro throwback to sportswear, prints, logos and chunky sneakers. However, next month I could be really digging a more tailored vibe. I would say my style is incredibly eclectic but has a British grittiness to it.

What is inspiring you at the moment?
The late Franca Sozzani! Having always been a fan of the creative direction at Italian Vogue, I recently stumbled across a documentary on Netflix about the life and work of Franca, which has inspired me to research further into her archives and body of work.

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