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Rebecca Cawthra: Edgy Looks Gone Viral

Our MUA and hair stylist Rebecca Cawthra has created iconic looks for the Manchester based, indie pop band Pale Waves that have gone viral on social media platforms.Β 

What inspired you to go with the bold eye make up look on lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie?

Heather has always used a burgundy shade on her eyes so when I started working with the band on their ‘Television Romance’ Video, I suggested going bigger and bolder with the shade and the bands fans and followers really loved the look.

So, what made you switch it up and go with blue for the ‘Heavenly’ music video?

It’s a bit of a random story, we were in the bathroom before the bands NME 100 shoot and Heather was wearing a pair of blue and white trousers so, I suggested a blue eye to match and its a colour you don’t see used everyday anymore. Heather simply put a photo of the make up on her Instagram Story, and fans now attend the bands concerts with big bold eyes and have even done their own tutorials online inspired by my work. Perhaps, I should go and stand in the ladies toilets and see what inspiration comes to me next.

How does it feel knowing your work is inspiring the fans and other MUA’s?Β 

I think it’s just lovely especially seeing the young fans, trying out their own similar looks.

What’s the best thing about working with the band?Β 

They are really nice, northern, down to earth people. Working on Heather’s make up is great because, I feel like we have a very trusting relationship and she allows me to try new things whilst, ensuring the looks stay true to her identity which is really important.

What can we expect to see next from your work?

The next shoot will be shot in black and white so, it will be very different for me and the make up might be a little more neutral which will be an interesting change.





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