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Toni: Me, Myself and Modelling

Modelling Career

Have you always wanted to be a model? 

Honestly, I’d never really thought of modelling when I was younger. It was actually my Dad who rang Boss on my behalf and it all started from there.

How long has it been since you joined Boss? 

That was a while ago but as I was at school I had to finish my studies so I’m still quite a new face!

Toni campaign shot

How have you found your Boss experience so far? 

Amazing, it’s like a family – the team are all great. Modelling has also helped me overcome insecurities. In school I would straighten my hair everyday and wear make up but now I have learnt to embrace my natural look,  I now leave my hair curly and never wear make up. It’s all about embracing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.

In your modelling career are there any jobs that stand out for you in particular? 

I was chosen for the Burberry campaign, when I found out the news I was laughing and crying simultaneously I couldn’t wait to tell my parents.  I rang them and they always answer the phone but this time typically they didn’t! I was bouncing around bursting to tell someone the news. In the end I managed to get in touch with both of my parents and they were so excited when they found out. The campaign was shot in Edinburgh with Alasdair Mclellan.  I have also recently worked with Vogue Ukraine and Spanish Vogue, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my experiences! 

Toni Bagley 029

 How did it feel seeing yourself on advertisements? 

Well, when it first came out I went to the Burberry store here in Manchester and one of the customers actually asked for my autograph!

Toni Burberry logo

Getting to know Toni Bagley

Are you a family person? 

Family is massively important to me. I am one of five sisters so my house can get a bit crazy. I’m currently in London but I come back home to the farm any weekends I can to see my parents and sisters, contact over the phone just isn’t enough for me. Although, being in London on my own for the majority of the time has really helped me find my independence.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I train my heart out and do a lot of exercise. I also love horses, my parents live on a farm close to the peak district and I started riding in 2008. After 3 months I qualified for Scope Festival where I won the under 10’s championship and was in the newspapers. A few months later I was picked to be on the England team! With prioritising my modelling career I still continue to ride horses but don’t have as much time to compete due to my busy schedule but, it is still in my heart.  I love it!


Any goals and aspirations for this year? 

I would like to sign a couple more autographs,  ha ha! Only joking. I want to really come in to my own and be at my peak. I’ve had a really positive journey so far and I’m just looking forward to continuing that. I’m going to New York soon to meet with my Agency over there, it will be amazing to meet new clients and build up my work there, this industry is incredible and I’m ready for it.

Any other travel plans for the Summer apart from New York?

Not yet however, I visited the Maldives with my family when I was younger and it’s my dream to go back.

Would you give any advice to anyone else wanting to pursue a career in modelling?

Just don’t take any opportunity for granted. Take every opportunity you can and do your best!  You’ll need a good agent so do your homework and research, and don’t believe everything you hear – ask for proof. 



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