When did your interest in make up and hair styling begin? 

Around the age of 14 when I was in high school on my lunch breaks I would apply make up on my friends, my mum also owns a hair salon and I spent a lot of time there when I was a teen, when looking for courses most professionals advised me to try and specialise in both hair and make up so picking up tips and tricks from my mum at such a young age really worked in my favour.

Is there anything inspiring you and contributing to your creativity right now? 

Social media is a big influence it allows you to witness other talented MUA’s and hair stylists develop their craft which is incredibly inspiring. Personally I often turn to painting and art projects which helps inspire themes and colour schemes. My imagination can be stirred simply by a models face or by the clothing rack at a photo shoot therefore my ideas are always evolving.


Do you have a signature look that you like to create? 

My signature look is ‘minimal make up’ for this I use as little make up on the skin as possible and highlighter to ensure the cheekbones and overall structure of the face is enhanced. I also love a fluffy brow and always decide on an eye shadow shade depending on what makes the clients natural eye colour pop! This style is great because it intensifies natural features without leaving the client or model feeling ‘caked’.


In your career so far has there been any prominent moments of achievement? 

My first magazine cover for House of Coco, going into a store and seeing the cover in print was exciting! Currently becoming represented by Boss is a great feeling and I am very enthusiastic about the future.

DSC_0620 copy

How does your personal everyday make up routine differ to the looks you produce for work? 

My career requires very early mornings so my main goal on a day to day basis is honestly just to make myself look more alive! Although, practice makes perfect so whenever I have time to try out new techniques for work on myself I do.


What are your main aims and goals in regards to career? 

I would love to combine my career with my passion for travelling, I am always eager to visit places I have never been to before even if it is areas I haven’t conquered yet in the UK! Building up more mainstream magazine credits would also be amazing but overall I aspire to create work that inspires others.


Do you have any go to products that we should know about? 

I always use cruelty free products it’s something I am extremely passionate about. For skin care I tend to use Arbonne products, Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are amazing and there are plenty of shades to choose from. The main question clients and followers always ask me is what highlighter I use it’s by Illimasqua and it’s a must do to create a flawless finish.

Find Stephanie’s portfolio on our website here 



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