On Sunday, Team Boss conquered Salford’s Dragon Boat Race in order to raise money for the Manchester based homeless charity Barnabus and we had the best time! The sun was shining and team spirit was in the air, the team rowed their hearts out and managed to come in 2nd place – we are so proud of you all and very thankful for all of those who donated and came to support us on the day.  If you’re in a living, giving kind of mood and as amazed as we are you can still donate which will make our efforts all the more worthwhile!  Every penny counts.  Please log on to our Just Giving page here.

Dragon 1

“I attended the Dragon Boat Race in order to give everyone a bit of moral support and to cheer them on whilst they were racing. I only managed to see the second and third race but they were very good and were way ahead of the others and won all 3 of their heats.  Typical Boss! The atmosphere was great, the beers were flowing and the sun being out made it all the better! 

 After the third race and with only 3 more heats to go the team were under the impression that only the top 3 boats went into the final so everyone was feeling a bit deflated after working so hard and headed to the bar. Luckily, they were told that it was actually 4 boats in the final so they had sneaked in. Hoorah! By this point everyone was tired but remained determined. 

 After the news, the team were in 4th place in the rankings, and as they set off I could see that they weren’t as quick as everyone else, but once they moved into 3rd place about half way through, it was like this massive rush of adrenaline just hit everyone and as a spectator you could see the gap closing in!  It was so exciting! Me, my daughter and our supporters were screaming our heads off on the side line and they just absolutely smashed it and managed to push into 2nd place and beat their best time by a massive 6 seconds! It was awesome and we were all really proud of them.  It was a great day and I definitely looking forward to watching again next year.” – Sarah Lewis   

Dragon boat 3

Dragon boat 2



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