Has performing always been a passion of yours? 
Absolutely, my love for the performing arts began with theatre at the young age of ten and continued to develop throughout my education. In my creative career I have explored many different avenues resulting in me having an extremely broad skill set, I am now an actor, writer, radio presenter, singer and musician all in one! 
How has your experience been with Boss Casting so far?
I’ve really enjoyed it! I’ve been with Boss Casting for around three years now and have had some incredible experiences, it is always my ‘firsts’ that stand out for me when thinking of the key moments in my career.  For instance – seeing my name included in the credits for the first time on a cinema screen or watching myself deliver my first line as a walk-on for Hollyoaks, it’s those kind of moments that make it all worthwhile and allow me to reflect on how far I’ve come from the young teenager simply giving performing a try in college. 
Is there anything interesting about yourself that not a lot of people know?
I’ve completed a lot of charity challenges including marathons and sponsored swims but most recently, I decided I wanted to do something bigger and better and ran in the 100km London to Brighton challenge.  Unfortunately, it was an incredibly hot day and I got near to Brighton but not quite all the way there! I had to pull out at 80km (which is roughly 50 miles) because of an injury, it was still a huge achievement for me and something I never thought I’d be able to do. It beat me on the day but that’s not to say it has beat me forever, although it was exhausting I might even give it another go in the future!
What was it that spurred you on when running that day?
Most definitely the charity I was running for, I am lucky enough to be a patron for the John Bury Trust based in Lancashire.  The charity concentrates on improving the mental, moral and physical development of young people and I have been with the charity for eight years now. Although I’ve raised money for the trust in the past, when I came across this challenge and how insanely difficult it was I just knew it would raise the charities profile and be really worthwhile, I kept the cause in mind throughout the experience. 
After completing such an incredible goal, is there anything else you’re aiming to achieve this year? 
I’ve got lots of goals this year, as I do every year! I’m actually producing a short film at the moment that I’m hoping is going to be a success and win an array of awards at different film festivals. As I love creative writing at some point in the near future I’m going to sell one of my pieces – that would be an incredible feeling! But mostly I aspire to keep improving and developing my skills in every area I work in, evolving strong professional relationships and pushing myself to be the best performer and creative I can be. 
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