Summer is fast approaching and it’s about time to update your wardrobe, brighten up your home and get holiday shopping, but what should you be looking for in order to stay on trend this year? Our Boss models and creatives might just have the answer as we’ve noticed an ongoing trend in these recent posts..


Major colour pop! Our gorgeous Boss model Shannon Aitken is working this bright and beautiful look in this shot taken by Karl Collins.


Go bright or go home 🌈 Boss model Sarah Bramley is eye catching in this super bright ensemble for Missy Empire.

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Our talented MUA and hair stylist Michaela Taylor gives her client hot pink eyes to match the scorching climate on this shoot for Candy Pants in Dubai.


Rainbow eyes 💚💙💛❤️ Why settle for one bright shade when there’s so many more? We are loving this bold eye on our Boss beauty Sophia Sparrow for Illamasqua.


Be daring with your home decor this Summer with a statement piece like our Boss fashion stylist Donnette Lathbury. 🍊


Want a simpler way to brighten up your living space? Flowers of course! 💐 Mix and match for that vibrant effect just like our stylist Frankie Frazer.


Pretty in pink! 💕 Have some fun and make a cute and colourful cake or recipe like our Boss food stylist Olivia Gartley.

Team Boss tell us what will be making their Summer’s bright and beautiful.

“This summer sees me move house for the first time in umpteen years and I simply cannot wait. I have lived in the city for a long time and have pined for an open space. The new house doesn’t quite have the cliff top open space of my dreams and it is a ‘yarden’ but it’s an outside space none the less. I intend to adorn it with twinkling lights. For my birthday last week my boyfriend bought me a chiminea and I am excited to see the flame to burn bright in my back yard!” – Lauren Mellor (Senior Booker)



“One of my favourite things to do is to sit with the back door/windows/balcony doors open pretty much all night long because it’s so warm and bright on a summer night. No cold breeze, no rain or snow, just chilled summer evenings” – Tristan Gage (Booking Assistant)


“The best thing about Summer for me is also about being able to go in my garden, especially after work with a nice glass of wine. It’s also full of lovely bold colours, I tend to use artificial flowers around my home to brighten things up! My Summer project this year is extending my garden and having a whole new seating area with BBQ – I can’t wait!” – Sarah Lewis (Senior Accountant)


So why not be adventurous this Summer? Don’t blend in stand out with a colourful outfit like our girl Sarah, mix up your makeup routine by applying a bright eye like our MUA Michaela or introduce a vibrant statement piece of decor into your home like our stylist Donnette. However you intend to spend your Summer do it in style and have one to remember!


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