Sustainability – an incredibly important issue to all of us here at Boss. Mindful of World Oceans Day this article aims to inspire others to contribute in bettering our environment.

The United Nations sustainabilty goals include both preventing and significantly reducing marine pollution of all kinds by 2025, in particular from land-based activities – including marine debris and nutrient pollution. To contribute, simple measures which we have adopted at Boss are easy to pick up – keeping on top of recycling materials and waste such as food, paper and plastic takes little time yet can make a huge difference.

With this topic in mind, we praise those going above and beyond to raise awareness. Ben Lecomte and his team are undergoing ‘The Longest Swim’ from San Fransisco to Tokyo in which they will have to endure pushing through The Great Pacific garbage patch, which in a recent estimate is double the size of France containing almost 80,000 tonnes of plastic. Their expedition is a powerful reminder of how far we really have to go, we strongly urge our readers, team, clients and talent to become productive in loving our planet.

To follow the progress of ‘The Longest Swim’ please click here. And for tips on how to maintain a sustainable friendly lifestyle please follow this link. 



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