In honour of National Yoga Day team Boss are sharing what they love most about the mind, body and soul practice..

Caroline Buist – Boss Model and Yoga Teacher

“Yoga is my saviour! As the years have gone by I have come to realise that Yoga is far more than just the physical practise. It’s a journey for self exploration and really has taught me so much about myself and how I want to live my life. It’s a beautiful road to be on and has allowed me to meet some incredible people who also share the love and passion for it as well. It is a beautiful community of people who are supportive, kind and loving. Being on your mat gives you an opportunity to really explore yourself, the workings of your mind, how the body & mind communicate with one another and gives us the tools to go away and be the best versions of ourselves. 

I do a guided meditation every night before bed and you can find loads of these on YouTube which is what I do, it helps to slow my mind down from overthinking which tends to happen when we get into bed, and as someone who is naturally very anxious its really helpful to me, it’s really life changing and I encourage anyone to try yoga and meditation. If it’s something you’ve been meaning to try please remember yoga has many styles so if you go to a class that isn’t for you and you don’t resonate with the teacher or to the style of the practise don’t give up, just keep searching for one that suits you!” 


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Lauren Mellor – Senior Model Booker

“I first tried yoga in my early twenties and giggled throughout, it evidently wasn’t the right time. However I have rock climbed since the age of 15 and during a session at the local climbing centre (a few years later aged a mature 27 this time) there was a ‘improve your climbing yoga class’ on. In wanting to see an improvement in my climbing ability I joined the class. And that was it, my yoga journey had started. Yoga soon took over my life and climbing moved into second place. With a hectic work schedule and long hours, yoga is a lot more accessible to fit in than a rock session. 

Climbing over the years has made me strong but flexibility is not on my side and the journey is slow. However yoga isn’t an end result, it’s a joyous journey and a lifestyle choice. It calms from the centre out and brings internal peace, I know when I haven’t done it for a while, i.e. now whilst I am busy out of work renovating a house, my body misses it and my mind craves the inner calm. A full on yoga schedule is the first thing on my to do list as SOON as the house is finished.

I prefer hot yoga where possible, after all my yoga journey began in the warmer climates of India so it makes sense to me. I was fortunate enough to spend a week at the and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Upside down in a headstand with a monkey behind me and whilst the sun was setting, it truly was unforgettable. I also love Jivamukti and have been lucky enough to have the best teacher Andrea Everingham at I love everything about her class, it is full on with a dance vibe, powerful and feminine. It’s an absolute must try.

As for advice for newbies, it’s all about the breathing, get this right and everything fits into place. Alignment also is crucial, don’t get into bad habits, it can take years to remotely get in the right position, which is fine, yoga isn’t an end result, it’s a journey.”

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Not your typical yoga get-up from Lauren!

Louise Farrow – Casting Booker

I’ve only recently started yoga after my housemate recommended his teacher (who is amazing). I’d previously tried it a few years back but I didn’t really get into it as I found myself becoming easily distracted by my surroundings. I’m really enjoying yoga this time round and have found that I’m able to forget about what is going on around me – I think that’s the main reason I’ve stuck at it. I’ve also noticed a massive difference in my flexibility which is an added bonus! I love how calm and relaxed I feel after a session, even on an overly stressful day I still find that my worries and anxious thoughts drift away. If you are debating trying yoga my advise is to be open minded and allow yourself to just go with the flow (no pun intended). Everyone has different levels so don’t let that put you off, go at your own pace and listen to your body. Most importantly leave any negative thoughts at the door and allow yourself to shut off from the outside world even if just for an hour!”



Debra Burns – Founder and Managing Director

“Yoga is amazing for body conditioning and mindfulness, a fantastic combination and essential in this brave new world with all kinds of daily work/life pressures.  I started yoga in my twenties and was lucky enough to discover YogaPlus in Crete, who offer yoga holidays in a fabulous setting at affordable prices and a no nonsense, friendly and nurturing environment. 

Radha and Pierre are inspirational and do a fantastic job of making yoga accessible to all and also for teachers in training to develop their skills.  After enjoying incredible holidays here year on year, and searching out the best teachers in Manchester, I settled into regular yoga which helped me cope with the demands of a busy life!  It also compliments my other huge passion which is horses, as it stretches and tones the muscles which get tight from riding.  I have always been a fan of Ashtanga because its a tough workout but non competitive, and good teachers are mindful of building up your strength as you develop – not trying too hard to get into positions which you can’t quite master (yet)!  

Yoga guru Matt Ryan at Yoga Express holds Ashtanga based classes in the city in short bursts so you can easily try a workout at their local dance studio.  

Check out ran by Andrea Everingham who used to be our personal tutor – one of the best.

Manchester legend Granville Cousins was my go-to guru for many years, a wonderful and unique human being

Advice to beginners? Persevere – its worth it, don’t give up and you’ll have a calm mind, strong supple body and empathy for the world around you.  What better foundation is there in life?  Don’t over-do it – listen to your body, and respect it, those incredible postures will come with time. 

Thank you to all the teachers I have worked with over the years, you have enriched my life!”

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