How to master the catwalk, Boss style.

Learning how to master “the walk” can seem quite daunting at first. But practice makes perfect and once you’ve mastered these key steps, you’re Boss style ready!

Step one.

Loosen up! Be sure so stretch out any nerves or tight muscles you may have. When walking you need let your body flow and let the walk come naturally

Step two.

Hold your posture, prior to walking adjust your yourself, keep straight, head held high, and know you’re about to slay.

Step three.

One step at a time. Be sure to keep one foot in front of the other at the same pace, no running or big lunges! A natural walk with a sprinkle of attitude

Step four.

Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed, which will also make the walk much easier! Tensing up is the last thing you want to end up doing,

Step five.

Bring the sass and reveal your inner Naomi Campbell.

Step six.

Hold the pose, give them the money shot.


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