Lucy takes on Svalbard with Craghoppers!

The life of a stylist…often you don’t know where you could be jetting. Our Boss Creative Lucy Hallard recently took on Svalbard styling for outdoor brand Craghoppers. We caught up with Lucy to find out more!

How was it out in Svalbard, what did you get up to? 

Amazing, it was 24 hour day light, was all a bit surreal! We packed so much in the week. It had such a great time, the entire place had such a great vibe! We took a boat trip out to Pyramiden which was an abandoned milling town, it was so eerie yet amazing. One of my highlights was probably walking along the Nordenskiold Glacier, so beautiful!



What did you enjoy the most in Svalbard?

The thing I most enjoyed about Svalbard was the landscape it’s breathtaking …walking on the glaciers is such an incredible experience  the air is so clean ..getting to explore and shoot on literally one of the most far north and remote places in the entire world is something I’ll never forget.

How were the culinary delights there? We’ve heard they eat fish morning, noon and night…

To be honest our diet consisted mainly of burgers and pizza!! Although on my travels in other shoots the weirdest this I’ve ever eaten is fermented shark which I have to say doubled up as the best cold and flu remedy I’ve ever had!

How does working on a trip differ to working in a studio?

Working in location as opposed to working in studio differs enormously…in studio things are very controlled down to the finest detail although it obviously has backdrop limitations. On location you could be in the most amazing spot in the world but if the wind and rain aren’t in your favour it can be a complete nightmare and you just have to sit it out until conditions change.


Were there any treacherous moments in the ice?

No treacherous moments on the ice…Peter our guide was brilliant and we were completely roped up, with hard hats the lot so we were in very safe hands.

Did you learn to hike? 

I go hiking and walk a lot anyway, so of course whilst I was out there I made the most of it!


What are your stylist must haves?

Out on the ice…Stylist must have…merino wool long johns and vest!


Any styling tips for this season? 

Layers! Its all about layering but … but don’t over heat yourself, sometimes you can actually get hot in this cold, especially if you’re running around!


What was it like to work with Craghoopers?

Great, they were a really good team to work with, I really enjoyed it, good experience!


Where would your dream destination be next?  

I’m going to have to say Asia, it would be a dream to work out there!

Keep up to date with Lucy’s work over on her Instagram @ loulouboos, we wonder where she’s taking off to next!



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