And she’s back…Like she never left!

Welcome Jennie Jones back to the model desk, after being off on maternity we thought we’d quickly catch up with her in a quickfire interview

Here’s what she’s been up to!

Welcome back Jennie! How does it feel being back on the desk?

It feels like I have never been away!

Congratulations on your new-born, what’s it like being a new mum. What have you been up to whilst you were away?

Thank you! It is wonderful, everything and more than I expected, but also a lot of hard work, especially on very minimal sleep. It is all worth it though.

Whilst being away from Boss, aside from the obvious of learning how to be a Mother, Emily & I have managed to do a bit of travelling. My Partner works away a lot, so we joined him wherever he was and got to go to the Scottish Highlands, Wales, Devon & the Isle of White. Already at 11 months, Emily is well travelled throughout the UK 😊.

You’ve had 13 years of experience in the industry, what kind of stuff are you looking forward to now being back in the game?

I have worked in the industry for 13 years and am looking forward to reconnecting with the people we represent, meeting the newbies that we have taken on during my time away and catching up with all of our clients and associates. I am also looking forward to getting my teeth into booking again! Fingers crossed I remember how to!

We have a lot of new faces at the agency, what kind of advice would you give to our new models or aspiring models wanting to join Boss?

My advice to our New Faces and aspiring Models, is to be happy & healthy, and to be the best version of yourself.

Finally, any words for the Boss family on your return?

It’s great to be back, please be patient with me whilst I find my feet again and try and remember how to transfer calls 😊

Jennie is on the desk for the next few weeks but will make her official return in January at Boss. Call in or pop in for a good old chinwag, Jennie is back in the game!



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