Kimberley, Adam and Kayleigh for Manchester Arndale Christmas Campaign 2018 πŸŽ„ ⛄️ 🎁

T-Minus 52 days, 7 hours, 34 mins and 50 seconds until Christmas…we couldn’t be more excited!

This year Boss took on Manchester Arndale for their new sparkly, and very warming Christmas campaign, #shopinstyle

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 16.08.14

We saw Kimberley Williams, Adam Ullah and Kayleigh catwalk through Manchester City centre, celebrating the upcoming festivities.

We’re already starting our countdown in November (it’s never too early!)

Boss are super honoured to apart of this years campaign, a Manchester born agency working with the cities successful shopping centre which represents some of the greatest stores, events, and food

Keep your eyes peeled around the Arndale, you may spot a few familiar faces!

Christmas countdown starts nowΒ πŸŽ„ ⛄️ 🎁

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