Jonah and Arabella sparkle for Very

42607284_552750985174235_6475144394394312739_nAlready in November, this year is almost coming to an end. The festive season and New Year are fast approaching, this means endless parties, sequins, popping Champagne corks and memorable nights out (or not as the case for some maybe… 😉).

What better way is there to end this year in style and get your best party wear on?!

44000206_132257494418848_8330606953983047902_nJonah and Arabella were the life of the party on the Very set, from dazzling dresses and dapper suits, it was all glitz and glamour, just like a big New Year’s party.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 16.37.52Very have recently just launched their new party wear collection which will be available online to buy soon. Keep your eyes peeled, check out our gorgeous Boss models and get your dancing shoes on, this one isn’t to be missed!




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