Talking stardom and Hollywood with Ray Collins

Boss supporting artist Ray Collins popped in last week to update his web profile photos. We took the opportunity to find out more about him, working on Hollywood blockbusters and his four legged friends!

Ray Collins 1

Hey Ray! Tell us a little more about yourself: What made you decide to become a Supporting Artist and why choose Boss?

I’m a full-time DJ and my wife was with Boss in the 80’s. Recently I’ve just wanted to have a change of scenery and do something different. I chose Boss because as I said my wife was with them and I know they’ve been running for a long time.  They also have a reputation for being the biggest agency in Manchester, so I wanted to aim for the highest!

I also rescue dogs from bad environments and give them a loving home.  Thirteen years ago I rescued a Staffordshire bulldog. I remember it being with owners that didn’t look after it properly so I used to feed it through a gate – eventually the owners didn’t want to take care of it anymore so I took it in and decided to look after it.

Unfortunately it died six months ago due to cancer but then we found our Freya who was classed as “the loneliest dog in the world!” She hit the big screen!


Yes, we heard that SA work runs in the family (although not in the conventional sense, haha!) – can you tell us a little bit more and how it came about?

Sure! Freya was classed as “the loneliest dog in the world” and my wife saw her online – she had quite a following but she’d been in the kennels since she was 6 weeks old and had been there for 6 years, hence the name! No one wanted to look after her because she was ill, so I decided I was going to take her in.

Little did I know, Michael Bay had approached the kennel and wanted her to be in the new ‘Transformers 5’ film! He said that if Freya didn’t get a carer he would take her in himself. But by then I’d already agreed to adopt her.

So yes, Freya hit the big time and I was told to take her to Birmingham to train her up.  I spent two weeks there and then drove to Northumberland for filming!

How did it feel having one of your beloved pets in a Hollywood blockbuster?

It was unbelievable, surreal and she even got to walk the red carpet last year. A very proud feeling!



Did you get to meet any big stars whilst your dog was on the shoot?

When I took her on set, she was working alongside Mark Wahlberg and Sir Anthony Hopkins who was her on screen dad. They were very patient and good with her, it was amazing.

"Transformers: The Last Knight" Global Premiere

Were you both invited to the premiere of Transformers 5? What was that like?

Yes! It was out of this world, it was a blue carpet and such a surreal moment, amazing weekend.

What’s been your favourite thing/experience about being a SA with Boss?

So far very good, it’s different from the norm and I’m really enjoying it. It’s all a valuable experience.

Do you think your new dog is destined for the big screen?

I hope so! If something for work comes up, he’s well trained!

What’s next for you Ray?

I’d like to do more SA work and voice overs. I’m just enjoying every day and taking it as it comes.

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