Winter Skincare with Chelsea Graziano

We are battling with chapped lips, dry skin, split lips, sore little red faces – all caused by environmental stress. From the heating being on full blast most days to the cold temperature and strong winds outdoors. It is crucial at this time to put some extra TLC into our skincare routine. The key to keeping our skin well looked after during this season is to go for richer creamier products, overnight treatments and eating fresh seasonal organic foods. Diet is something that needs to be taken into account as much as skin care.  I have listed below some hydration boosting products and tips for all. Bring on the plump faces and pure well-being.




PAWPAW MULTI-USE BALMS – This award-winning lip balm is already such a popular product in makeup artists kits and is fantastic for adding hydration to any area of the skin. If your using this on your face with makeup, make sure you apply this first thing allowing time for the product to soak into the skin before makeup application. It’s also great to apply before bed as a night treatment to any problem areas. There are also tinted balms available – perfect for creating a natural glowing blush and lip colour.


HOUR GLASS NO28 LIP TREATMENT– This is a beautiful product and the luxury means it’s a higher price mark. If you are tempted to treat yourself to this product you won’t be disappointed. As well as being cruelty free, this product has a lot to offer. It combines essential oils and vitamins to soothe, condition and protect the lips. The 24-karat gold antibacterial application tip feels super soothing on the lips. This product is anti-ageing – promising to protect and improve the lip shape, volume and texture long term as well as soothing dry and chapped lips instantly. A fancy but goody one.


BURTS BEES – Lip balm This is a great 100% natural product which means its free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS. Packed with bee’s wax to condition the lips and vitamins to nourish. There is also a hint of peppermint oil which I absolutely love as I can feel it tingle on my lips leaving me and my clients feeling refreshed. It’s also great for men as its completely matte.


To me it’s crucial when moisturising the skin, to take your time massaging the products into the skin and creating flow with your fingers – stimulating the skin, allowing the products to penetrate as well as pushing any toxins in the skin to the lymph nodes. This means massaging from the sides of the nose, down, following around the cheek bones to the ears, Pushing from the centre of the brows outwards and from the chin to the jaw. Getting into the habit of performing a routine like this on yourself has so many benefits – also you deserve that time.

Image result for dermalogica skin smoothing cream

DERMALOGICA SKIN SMOOTHING CREAM – A great moisturiser for all skin types, only a pea size amount needed so it lasts really well.  This moisturiser promises 48 hours of hydration and also shields the skin from environmental stress. I have also always received excellent service when enquiring in store with Dermalogica. Their staff seem super clued up on skin science – I recommend visiting for anyone new to the brand.

Image result for dermalogica skin hydrating booster

DERMALOGICA SKIN HYDRATING BOOSTER –This is an amazing product if you want to add a boost to your existing moisturiser. It’s filled with Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Glycolipids and Algae extract. All these ingredients help to restore moisture balance and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Think of this as a little pot with all the goodness concentrated in there, you only need a few drops.

Dermalogica have also pulled out of the Chinese market meaning they are now cruelty free which means we can enjoy the benefits of their cleverly crafted products as well as living ethically.


I personally suffer with dry skin all year round – especially so in the winter. I have a routine before bed that I swear by for beautiful skin, health and wellbeing for the mind body and soul. After my bath or shower and a little yoga routine – I love to use a rich body lotion all over as well as massaging a little lavender oil onto my feet for some self-love, care and calm.



Dr cuticles is animal cruelty free and they offer a huge range of products specifically targeting problems. I use this body firming treatment to improve the elasticity in my skin as well as relieve any dryness. The coenzymes (Q10) and vitamins (B3) encourage the body’s supply of collagen. There are a whole bunch of fabulous ingredients (coconut oil, almond oil, seaweed, caffeine, sheaf butter and more) to help the skin flush excess fluids, avoiding cellulite. I can’t recommend this product enough, priced at £19.99 worth every penny.



Boss x

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