Christmas with Lauren πŸŽ„βœ¨



Head Booker Lauren is in the festive spirits and has some wishes from santa this year. What’s Boss’ head booker up this festive season? πŸ’­ Let’s find out!

What do you love most about Christmas?

Having a break from my computer and spending merry times with my loved ones β™‘

How do you plan on celebrating?

On the p^ste!

Do you have an all time favourite Christmas film?

I always watch Natural Born Killers when I wrap my gifts, does that count?Β Β 

Have you been good all year enough for a visit from Father Christmas?


If so, what might he bring you?

He’s been already and I have been a very lucky girl to receive a new Vax vacuum cleaner. Thank you mummy!Β  Β 

What do you wish for in 2019?

Peace in the world, less fighting, more loving, lots of blue sky days and adventures.


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