Liam Byrne’s Alps shoot for Gandys ❄️🗻

Gorgeous Boss boy Liam has been keeping busy! Working away in the Alps with lifestyle brand Gandys for their new collection, we thought we would catch up with Liam and hear all about what he got up to!


How was it working with Gandys?
Gandys was an amazing company to work for, I wasn’t aware of who they were at first but once I found out who they were and what they do as a company I was incredibly proud to be shooting for them, the two brothers behind the company Rob and Paul are incredibly down to Earth and humble.

Have you been to the Alps before?
This was my first time in the Alps, I’m quite adverse to the cold weather, winter is hibernation time for me! But I thoroughly loved every minute there, whether it was in the cold of the mountains or by the heat of the open log fire in the chalet.  

How long were you out there for?
We were out there 4 days and it was fantastic, as always when you’re having an amazing time. It seems to fly by far too quickly!


It must have been freezing! How did you keep warm on set?
Warm thoughts! Luckily the clothes we were modelling were super-insulated winter wear which made it manageable!

When you weren’t shooting, what kind of stuff did you get up to?
It was usually evenings filled with wine, food, beers and music and not forgetting the log fire!
There was around 10 of us so it was just spent chilling out, laughing and getting a little tipsy after a long day’s shoot.

Did you climb any mountains?
I’ll be honest, we cheated a little by driving as far up as the roads would get us then if we needed to go further we hiked up. Let’s say I definitely earned some wine and cheese by the end of all the hiking around we did!


Did anything take you by surprise whilst you were out there?
The scale of the mountains, you can’t really grasp it unless you’ve been there and seen them for yourself.
You’d see tiny little specs and realise they were full grown fir trees then you got a tiny indication of how big these mountains were.

Did you try any different foods whilst out in the Alps? 
Unfortunately, no French cuisine was sampled as we went pre-season and most restaurants were closed! Although I now have a love for Brie cheese after having it out there, if only Brie was calorie free!

Do you have any highlights from the trip?
The entire trip was a whirl, even though I was sleep deprived to the tune of 42 hours because of having to drive to Gatwick to meet the team and not sleeping the night before! Even through all that pretty much every moment was its own highlight but seeing the mountains at Tignes for the first time was mind blowing.

Give us one best thing about the experience…
Meeting the brothers behind the company, they were entirely hands on with the shoot, getting involved and genuinely cared about the crew, the models and the shoot.
Working for them was a genuine pleasure.

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