Brian O: Grown-Ups

unknownKids, they grow so quickly and before you know it they’re raiding your wardrobe for the ultimate ‘vintage’ look.

Playing on this concept was the very talented Brian O’ who recently got his creativity flowing with the ultimate Boss Juniors photoshoot called ‘Grown Ups’

Other than the images speaking a thousand words, we wanted to hear from the man himself. Check out our Q&A below!


What was the inspiration behind the grown up shoot?

I was taking shots for my local primary school to raise money for new equipment. A little girl and her mum arrived. Mum was wearing a cool leopard print coat. I asked mum could we use it on set. It was one of my favourite, simple shots of 2018.

Why did you chose the oversized theme as a concept?

I love oversized clothing on youngsters – they always end up wrapped up in whatever they’re wearing – like being cuddled by a Muppet Show character – (I hope people still know who the muppets are 🤪)


What was it like shooting with the kids?

It’s always a fun day. You never know what’s going to happen on the day!

I bet the parents loved the shoot as much as the kids right?

Judging by the laughs – they loved it I’m sure.


What was the best thing about the shoot?

Laughs & giggles all the way!

How would you describe your style of photography?

Ooh now that’s a head scratcher – I try to be as flexible as possible with my photographic style – How you shoot should be influenced by what you shoot 😎

Thank you Brian,

Boss x

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