Thalia for Tessuti 😍❄️


Boss babe Thalia recently took on the Alps in her new shoot with Tessuti. This Irish beauty is no stranger to the camera, here’s what she got up to on her shoot!

So, the French Alps! What was it like? We heard that one morning the temperature dropped to -10 degrees! What was it like waking up to that?

They were BEAUTIFUL! But yes, absolutely freezing, literally. The cold is outweighed by the breath-taking expanse and views that surround you. Honestly, every view is inexplicably amazing. Luckily our hotel had a good heating system! So the mornings were easy, considering they were all early starts to make sure we got the most out of the daylight which disappeared almost entirely by 4:30. The real shock came after breakfast when we’d have to leave the hotel for the first time and the cold hit you again.


Speaking of being in the Alps, did you have a go on the slopes?… Any snowball fights?

We had the first day, our travel day, off! So while the team went out on a rekkie, me and the male model on set had a go on the slopes, yes! I’m delighted as I haven’t been skiing for years and I love it, so it was just an added bonus on the trip! In terms of snowball fights, I managed to lose one of my gloves before I travelled to the Alps while I was in Germany so I avoided them- choosing to bring my hands home with me instead of losing them to frostbite!

How did you manage to keep warm shooting out there, surely you must have shot a few different looks and had many changes as well?!

Layers. Under each pair of jeans I had my training leggings on and whenever possible, vests and jumpers underneath sweaters and jackets. Coffees also helped and a heated van between locations! Apart from that, it was anyone’s game!

What were the cable cars like, any pretty views?

So it’s a love/hate but mainly hate relationship when it comes to the cable cars and myself. Turns out heights and bumpy, snow-heavy journeys on what felt incredibly unstable cable cars and I don’t go well together! But, the views are absolutely incredible, I can’t deny that. We shot on the cable cars and then when we reached the highest peak- 2,300 m above sea level if I can remember correctly! And there was frost actually forming on the tips of our eyelashes and hair…


We know you love to share food with your Instagram followers 👀 Did you try any new dishes whilst out in the Alps?

The hotel was so wonderful. The crew let them know in advance that I was vegan and they catered so well. They even had vegan cheese! Thankfully I had a good hearty three-course dinner each night as I needed them after the long days and then the breakfast was equally good! I got super lucky on this trip as it’s not always the case. I also got some delicious pizza!


Now on to Tessuti, what was it like working with them?

Wonderful. They were all such lovely people, and a great crew to spend a few days in relatively tough circumstances. I made real, true friends on that trip and next time I’m over in England I’ll be messaging them to meet up for sure!

What are your favourite memories of the trip?

Probably the people I met and the amazing experiences that they gave me!

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 15.41.45.png

Will the Alps see Thalia again?

Absolutely! I’m lucky that this was my second job on location in the alps in the last four months so I got to see them before the snowfall and then again in the depth of winter so I feel so blessed to experience that. If it’s not with work, I’ll be back for sure on leisure!

Finally, what was the main highlight overall working with Tessuti and working away?

I’ll have to go with the experiences, once again. The team were beyond friendly and kind and I truly believe I’ve made friends for life. The people we met on the mountains were amazing and so accommodating. Getting to visit places, like the helicopter pad and the people who ran them was amazing also. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to experience these things through my job

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