Magic Mags meets Dynamo 🎩

On Friday the Boss team took an outing to see Dynamo’s ‘Abandoned Room’ show at The Lowry Hotel. This was perfectly suited to Boss’ very own in-house magician, Mags who works Front of House.

You may have seen her make a few appearances on the Boss Instagram story showing off some tricks, however on Friday she performed her signature card trick in front of world-renowned magician Dynamo, which was then featured on his Instagram to his near ¾ of a million followers!

The video has received over 68,000 views and lots of supportive comments for Mags and young magicians in the industry. Here are a few words from the woman herself:


Eek! How was it performing in front of Dynamo?
It was cool, felt strange to perform in front of a famous magician! Felt the pressure!

What did he say to you after you performed the trick?
He said it “was sick” and it was nice to see young magicians learning the art. His team filmed my chat with him and the magic trick and asked for my Instagram handle. It was so nice of him to post the clip on his social media!

So, will we expect to see you on stage soon?
I do perform locally in pubs and at friends parties but would love to progress to stage shows. Watch this space!

Anything you want to say to your new fans? 😉
Thank you for the support and to the new followers. Expect some magic on my Instagram soon!

You can keep up to date with what Mags gets up to over on her Instagram page: @LrnMag

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