From working on different sets with different brands, campaigns, models and briefs, the life of an MUA can be a busy one.

Our Boss Creative Chelsea is no stranger to this. Working with Boohoo every week and various other brands, we wanted to know what it is like for the life of an MUA.

Here is a BTS exclusive!


Early starts, I arrive at Boohoo HQ around 8.30am to set up all the paints and potions. There are usually around 12 of us in the glam team from hairdressers to makeup assistants.


9:00 am

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At 9am the model arrives. We start by skin prep which helps to create a soft glam look. Once the skin is prepped, the makeup begins. The ultimate go-to products at Boohoo are lashes, contour and highlight. My fave products currently are Illamasqua highlighter, Benefit’s OMG powder, Hula for bronzing and Eldora false lashes.

At the moment beautiful bronze eyes, winged eyeliner and gorgeous glowing skin is the current style. This is finished with a neutral lip and lots of gloss. Make-up varies depending on the theme of the shoot, so it is different every day.

Once the face is complete it’s time to move on to hair. Prepping the hair is just as important as prepping the skin.

I start with a smooth blow dry and then add volume to the hair, finishing with some texture powder and spray. To get the hair to stay in place all day I add heat protector and setting lotion so the curls stay in place.


giphy (2)

Around 10.30am we head to the studio and start working through the rail of new clothes.

I always bring a set bag with me to keep lips skin and hair topped up. I usually give a quick tease and fluff of the hair between shots and top up of the skin where needed. The models work their magic on set until 1pm when we have our lunch!

After lunch it’s back to the makeup station. This is when I spend around15 minutes topping up the skin and hair ready for the last few hours of shooting.

in between shots, same stuff with giving a quick tease and fluff of the hair and top up of the skin where needed

Once the shoot is wrapped up, it’s time to remove all makeup. There is plenty of cleansing water to remove all makeup. I make sure that the skin is finished with some good and much needed hydrating moisturisers and serums.


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