Model Off Duty: Liam Stubbs

When they’re not being pretty faces in front of the camera, they’re having downtime and getting on with their own daily lives. Welcome to our off duty model series starting with the gorgeous Liam Stubbs.

From running marathons, travelling and being a unicorn, we got to know more about what our Boss boy gets up to when he’s off duty.


Liam, it’s no secret you work out a lot. What is your gym routine?

In all honesty, I’d love to say that I have a very well structured routine when it comes to the gym. But in reality, I just go with the flow a lot of the time.

I usually end up working out about 4/5 times a week. Late in the evening to avoid the gym rush. At the moment I am focusing more on legs and core to help improve my running as I plan to do another half marathon in May.

Do you ever get any cravings? What is your favourite cheat food?

Yes. A Cheeseboard any day of the week! Wensleydale with caramelised onion chutney on a cracker is my weak point.


You’ve run quite a few marathons, how many have you done so far and where do you get your motivation from?

 So far only 2; Stafford Half 2018 & 2019. But I am planning on running the Greater Manchester half in May 2019. I decided to try it because I’ve never been very good at running. So it’s a challenge for me, and I like the fact I have to work at it. It’s the feeling that I’ve earned it that motivates me. I definitely have a lot of respect for long distance runners now. It’s not easy.


 Your Instagram tells us that you travel quite a lot. Where is your favourite place you have visited?

Großglocknerstraße, Austria. I love this place because the mountains are incredible with vibrant greenery all around yet bright white snowy mountains in the distance…google it 🙂


 Do you have any 2019 Summer plans coming up, maybe more travelling?

I’d like to do a Europe road-trip on my motorbike, there’s plenty of places I’ve visited where a motorbike ride is must in my eyes. I’ve also got plans for Rio, Brazil & Petra, Jordan before the end of Summer.


Your outfit choices are sometimes questionable, it seems like you also seem to like fancy dress…which character reflects your personality the most and why?

Rainbow Unicorn without a doubt (See my Instagram for reference). The fancy dress just brings along a whole new level of humour and happiness to an experience. It breaks the ice and starts conversations with new and interesting people.

People vibe off the weird and wonderful, and I do believe in the laws of attraction. So if you look & feel fun, you most definitely will have fun. You never know what memories you make when you’re dressed as a Rainbow Unicorn. FYI it was one of the best days of my life!


 When you’re not in fancy dress, suits or sweats?

I love a suit occasionally but you can’t beat the comfort and freedom of sweats.


 Finally. what is your mantra?

Make the most of every moment in life. Always go out of my comfort zone, that’s the only way I truly learn about myself. Take a step back every so often and realise how amazing life is. The moment you start to recognise the subtle yet incredible aspects of life, you realise how lucky you are.


Thank you for that Liam, where can we keep up to date with what you get up to?

I’m sure like everyone else it would have to be Instagram @Liamphilipstubbs. But don’t expect anything too serious, it’s usually just a lot of smiling.

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