Model Off Duty – Natasha Turner


Welcome to our second edition of Model Off Duty. Up next, we have a gorgeous Boss babe who’s love for writing has got her passionately speaking about feminism, queer theory and post-colonialism. She’s a poet and yogi with a heart of gold, we wanted to get inside the creative mind of the stunning Natasha Turner,

Enjoy x


Hey Natasha, firstly congratulations on finishing your exams and final year! Tell us a little more about what you were studying please

Thank you! I’ve recently completed my degree in English Literature. It has definitely been the most challenging but rewarding three years of my life. The topics I’ve covered have spanned from race, feminism, queer theory, post-colonialism to cultural theory. I’ve also created a plethora of original poetry and short stories through my creative writing units. I feel like the course has broadened my outlook on the world and has taught me the importance of finding a voice.


What inspired you to write what you wrote in your dissertation?

My dissertation is about how African-American authors have used literature as a form of resistance against their oppression and internalised self-hatred. In modern America still wrought with racial tension and inequality, I thought there was no better time to look towards the literature of the past to understand why prejudice towards Black Americans still endures.

So, do you see yourself in a career in literature, What are your top career goals?

I’m still figuring this out for myself, but I want to help people with whatever I do. Writing is my passion, so if I could use it to express my ideas with the world, in the hope of making someone else’s life that bit easier, that would be amazing. I also fantasize about hosting my own Louis Thereoux-esque documentaries, as I love engaging with different people and hearing their stories. I would also love to take it further with BOSS, as I think adding diversity and real, attainable bodies into the industry is fundamental and extremely positive.

Now that University is over, what are your 2019 Summer plans?

I’m planning on starting a blog this summer so I can use my words to discuss important issues that will hopefully open the reader’s mind. I also want the blog to include self-help and self-love themes, as I’d love to create a platform that could resonate with, or help even just one person out.


I also want to be more active in volunteering. I’ve recently joined the Extinction Rebellion and I’m working with a local group to form ideas about how we can tackle climate change in our area of Manchester. I’ve also been researching into volunteering with refugees and asylum seekers, to make them feel welcome and more comfortable with English.

I also want to improve my yoga skills and practice daily meditation again, as it took a bit of a backseat with the university stress. Finally, I’m going to a festival called Meadows in The Mountains in Bulgaria. Festivals are my ultimate happy place, so I can’t wait!

Now enough about education, more about YOU…


Your Instagram tells us you like to travel, where have been your favourite holiday destinations and why?

This is a tough one as I’ve loved every country I’ve been lucky enough to travel to. I’m pretty adventurous, so Croatia, Portugal and Spain have been great places to swim in the ocean, cliff jump and mountain trek. I also think Barcelona is one of the coolest cities ever, with great food, style and street art.

On to Fashion and Beauty:


Tell us your hair care secrets…
My holy grail is Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Condition, without it I would definitely be looking like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. I also couldn’t live without my afro comb, because I think the bigger the better!


How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is pretty eclectic and depends on how I’m feeling on the day. Sometimes I’ll put on a whimsical bohemian dress, and sometimes I’ll go more androgynous with suit trousers and Doc Martens. I don’t see the point in limiting ourselves to just one style, I think it’s fun to dress up as different characters and versions of yourself, and not caring what others think.

Heels or trainers?

Trainers all the way!

Trousers or skirts?

I wear them both as much as the other, it just depends on my mood!

Natasha 8.jpg

Finally, what is your mantra?

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within – Maya Angelou.

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