Earlier this week the world celebrated International Youth Day. What is it? Established by the UN back in 1999, aims to raise awareness and encourage young people to become active and create positive changes.

At Boss, supporting young talent and creating opportunities for our people is in our blood, and we’re super proud to coach and mentor a range of young faces.

Meet Kaiden Williams, Boss model and ambassador who is breaking down the ‘norm’ of the industry and he isn’t holding back!


Following in the footsteps of the iconic Winnie Harlow, Kaiden has taken the industry by storm and secured some major bookings to kick start his modelling career.

As well as launching two major high street campaigns, Kaiden featured in a BBC News article about his condition which is known as vitiligo; having once covered up his patches he is now a role model and inspiration to other young people with this unusual condition which affects only 1% of the world’s population.

We are so proud to have him on board and he is an absolute winner to work with. Confident, polite and impeccably professional, this boy will get noticed and we predict he will be one of our major rising stars this year.

To view Kaiden’s profile and to book, visit – https://www.bossmodelmanagement.co.uk/models/juniors/junior-boys/kaiden-williams.htm

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