Today’s interview is with our new Hair & Makeup Artist, Lou Pye.  Working in the beauty world for 15 years, Lou’s worked for a range of clients in multiple locations across the world including a recent spell in Bali. She is back in the UK and we are delighted to introduce her as part of the BOSS family.


Hi Lou, it’s lovely to meet you. Tell us how you got to where you are today?
My first job was with MAC where I worked for 6 and a half years. I worked myself up through the ranks to Management, and then the Events Team which I just loved because I got to work London Fashion week and all the cool festivals. After that, I decided to take the plunge into freelancing and never looked back.


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What was FW like?
Amazing and carnage at the same time. One moment it’s all chilled and things are going steady, and then it’s final call and it’s all hands on deck! I have never done makeup on models so quickly!

What was memorable about your first work as an HMU?
Getting to work with such a varied range of brands. Ecommerce was really taking off at that time and becoming a very fast-paced industry that I loved. I also got to be whisked away to some fabulous location shoots in Paris, Barcelona, and the unforgettable one was Morocco.

So, what took you to Bali?
I originally went out there with friends as a holiday and I just loved it. The next thing is I followed my instincts, sold my house and off I went for a year and a half with a spot of travelling in between to South America.


What made you want to return back to Manchester?
Bali was never going to be a long-term thing, more of a bucket list thing really.  It was an amazing experience, it had everything, but the work was limited and I always knew I was going to return home.

Welcome home, what made you want to work for BOSS?
I got in touch with Boss because of the reputation it has and the amazing clients it works with. I’m really looking forward to the next stage in my career and working with lots of new and exciting people.

So how do you like to spend your downtime?
I’m a real book worm.  My favourite recent reads are A Little Life, a real intense life story of 4 friends, and Call Me by Your Name which is a romantic story that was set in a period of time when being gay wasn’t acceptable. I also love autobiographies such as Wonderland Avenue, the Danny Sugarland story. To be honest, anything that has a gritty real-life heartfelt storyline. ­­­­

As well as kicking back and reading, if you hadn’t had already guessed it, I love planning my next adventure. I adore travelling and I really want to go Vegas for my 40th – and would just be so excited to do a trek in Nepal or the Himalayas. Watch this space…

If you had a dinner party who would you invite dead or alive?
Debbie Harry – She was my everything when I was younger. I even met her on my birthday once, I was so star struck ha.

Indya Moore – Actress in the current Netflix series Pose. She is such an inspiration; strong and powerful.

Jarvis Cocker – Who I once saw at Manchester Town Hall for a talk. He is so knowledgeable

…and Kate Moss – just because she’s a classic! Growing up in the 90s she was so rock n roll, yet so professional. My favourite shoot of her is the classic Calvin Klein campaign where her look was so minimalistic.

What makeup techniques do you like?
Less is more. Living in a Kardashian world has also brought a whole host of new techniques including cut crease effects.  Brands like Beauty Bay have brought a lot of experimental styles into play and that’s what I love about my job –  every client and brief is different, and you never know what look you will be creating next. It keeps you on your toes!

Top 5 makeup products?
Well, this has changed over the years as I went Vegan 5 years ago. My kit has now changed to cruelty-free brands. My current top 5 would have to be:

Cruelty-Free Ordinary Serum Foundation, it’s so versatile, great for building up, making it matt or sheer.

I’m currently also obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury and their magic cream moisturiser. Which you can wear under and over foundation.

What do you love about being a hair and makeup artist?
How social it is and getting to meet so many people. When you are on a shoot everyone is behind the same goal. It’s always great vibes, fun and professional at the same time.

Thank you so much, it’s been lovely getting to know you. Good luck with everything and we can’t wait to hear how you get on.

Lou Pye’s portfolio can be found here. Check her out!



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