Olivia Casson for Morrisons

Feast your eyes on these festive delights styled by Boss Food Creative Olivia Casson for Morrisons. We are all over these amazing Christmas ideas!

Nick for Booths Christmas

The magic of the festive season is encapsulated in Booths’ annual Christmas book. This year Boss Food Creative Nick Walsh styled the delicious yuletide treats that fill their pages with mouth-watering delights. We asked Nick about his favourite Christmas traditions and seasonal eats.  What is your favourite Christmas tradition? For me, it’s a pretty simple…

A day in the life of a food stylist: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Meet the latest addition to the BOSS Creative team, Ryan Fitzpatrick! Find out what he gets up to on a normal day and why his kitchen at home is ‘a bit mad.’ When I wake up… I do a lot of my prep work the night before so in the morning I just have to…

Team BOSS for Aldi

In a dreamy duo, BOSS model Joel Bennett and BOSS creative Nick Walsh worked on this brilliant TV ad for Aldi. Joel stars as Dave, an unassuming ‘Valentine’s lifesaver’ who transforms from normcore to hardcore, with Nick styling the succulent steak he finds in the Aldi aisles. See Joel’s profile on our website now. See…

Recipe: Christmas Balls!

For these naughty but nice treats, our BOSS Creative Kate Phillips put together a Christmas recipe.