Lisa Jolley for Neon Rose

Hey #BOSSbabe! Lisa Jolley is giving us all the spring vibes in these pastel looks for Neon Rose. Check out Lisa’s profile on our website now!

Flying the Boss flag in Japan 🇯🇵

Flying the Boss flag in Japan! 🇯🇵 Our Booking Assistant Tristan visited Cosmopolitan Model Agency in Osaka this week. Following in Head Booker Gareth’s footsteps, Tristan paid a visit to the agency to see the team that our International Bookers work closely with – just 12 years later! 😂👊

Tabatha for Very

These outfits are so cute! Boss Model Tabatha is stunning in these shots for Very. See Tabatha’s profile on our website.

The perfect make up look for party season

Boss Hair and Make Up Artist Rebecca Cawthra created this gorgeous make-up look, perfect for heading out to parties during the festive season. Rebecca says: ‘I like to wear a matte lip during the day and a add a quick gloss over the top to switch it up for the evening. You can also use…

Nick for Booths Christmas

The magic of the festive season is encapsulated in Booths’ annual Christmas book. This year Boss Food Creative Nick Walsh styled the delicious yuletide treats that fill their pages with mouth-watering delights. We asked Nick about his favourite Christmas traditions and seasonal eats.  What is your favourite Christmas tradition? For me, it’s a pretty simple…

Make your own pumpkin face mask

Stop! Don’t throw away the leftover pumpkin from your halloween creations. As well as reducing food waste, you can use the flesh that you scrape out from the inside of your pumpkin to refresh your skin. The enzymes found in pumpkin are perfect for exfoliating the top later of dead skin from your face and…

Grace and Lola for EasyBraids

Girl power! BOSS Juniors Grace and Lola are looking gorgeous modelling in this demo video for Easy Braids. This gadget is a sleepover must-have! See Grace and Lola‘s profiles on our website.

Sugar-free recipes 🍍🍴

If you have seen ‘That Sugar Film,’ (and if you haven’t we would recommend watching it) you will know the detrimental effect that consuming too much sugar can have on our bodies. To help us to live healthier, sugar free lifestyles, the team behind That Sugar Film have put together some recipes on their blog….